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Drivers window won't go down 100% - advice required!

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Hi folks.

The drivers side electric window in my Lupo won't go all the way down. It works faultlessly otherwise. It doesn't get stuck, the motor doesn't click. But it stops about three quarters of the way down as if it's reached the bottom.

I've tried a new switch. Inside the door I've checked the rails and they're nicely lubricated and the sliding white clips aren't broken or dislodged.


Has anyone else experienced this? What is the likey culprit? I could replace the regulator but don't know whether to buy a kit that also includes a replacement motor or not.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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if it goes up and down the same speed as the drivers door, then follow @Rich 's advice.

If it kinda slows down just before stopping, it could be nothing more than the glass felt tracks need some silicone oil spray lube. That often helps. If you've had it in pieces, you'll see that there's not much that can go wrong- if all the plastic bits are ok.

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