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Afternoon All


New to the site and not actually a Lupo nor Arosa owner yet but am currently looking, aiming to pick one up before the end of May, hazar!

So yes hello, I'm South Wales based although I travel for work so may some of y'all on the road.


If any of y'all have a yearly running cost of the 1.4 TDI Sports trim (Lupo) or the standard Arosa diesel that would be great, just going of guesstimates right now but want something more concrete before I purchase :) 



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Yea the cheap tax is ace! 


How much do you guys pay in insurance if you don't mind me asking? I've got 12 years no claims bonus and an advanced driving course under my belt so I'm hoping it's dirt cheap as well. Think they are insurance group 9 aint they?

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Mine was as a 2nd car on a separate policy with 0 NCD on it and all mods declared so it isnt going to be comparable to a single policy daily driver with little or no mods declared.

Currently SORN'd as insurance is out and want to do some work on it (more power, might even get around to some body work :lol:) should be back on the road march / april.

NCD maxes out at 9 years afaik as that's all i have on my main policy but either way, respect for the driving.


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I've got the 1.7 SDI in lupo form, although I hear loads about them being sluggish etc there not actually too bad and as for running costs mine unfortunately doesn't come into the £30 a year tax bracket but does average 180/200 miles to £20 so it's a right penny saver 

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