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Steering wheel, Torque setting

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Just looking at a steering wheel swap on a 1.4 TDI (02 plate)...was looking at Triple Square (XZN) M12 (12mm) sockets, but cross checking here, it looks like it will just be a 24mm nut. Does anyone know the torque setting, I assume use with thread lock.

Also, does the steering wheel self line up? i.e. their look to be guides on MKIV Golfs etc.

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The steering wheel fits on a splined shaft, so just point the wheels straight, put the steering wheel straight and tighten up the bolt.

If the alignment is in any doubt then you can leave the nut loose, roll forwards and backwards to check the steering wheel is straight, then tighten it.

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I just tightened it up lol. Didn't put on a torque wrench it at all.


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