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Found 19 results

  1. Hi i am looking to buy some alloys for my MK1 arosa. ive seen some and they are 13" 4x100 5.5J ET43. would these fit or would i need spacers?
  2. Hello all, I have finally pulled the trigger on something I’ve always wanted to do, a fully stripped track car built by me. I’m an electrician by day so I kinda know what’s going on but, I’m no mechanic! If your interested in pictures you can skip my boring intro! If you have some time and bored you can read it, it’s quite interesting hahaha!! So I used to have a GTi, some moons ago: But never had it long enough to do anything I wanted, thanks to 2 kids! So 2 years and a house later I got permission to build a track car. It’s going to be slow but, built by me a
  3. Hi I have a 02 lupo 1.0 with 175/65r13 steels Just got a new set of alloys ( VW Avus Scala snowflakes) and was hoping someone could help me find out what size tyre I need and/or if I need a spacer. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C411849
  4. Okay, i'm pretty rubbish when it comes to electrics so any help would be greatly appreciated. The original speakers in my '98 Arosa were pretty naff so I got my hand on some '03 Ibiza speakers for free. The clips are the same but the wiring is different. Here's some photos; Arosa Wiring Wiring from Ibiza This issue is that there doesn't seem to be the same power going to new speakers as there was when they were in the original car. Is this because the headunit in the Ibiza was able to give more power or is it due to the fact that there's less wiring/wiring is
  5. Anyone have a spare gear knob? Round style. Also Interior Door Handles Lupo or Arosa in Black. It's for a Mk1 Arosa. Based in Northern Ireland but happy to pay postage.
  6. so i recently bought myself a 1998 Arosa and well the car is F***** passed an M.O.T with some welding and bulbs however i started to realise the gearbox was getting stiffer and alot harder too get in too gear,i had the selectors check and there fine,clutch is fine too,so before i go out and buy a whole new box,im praying someone could maybe shed some light on it? cheers guys
  7. i want to remove my wheel well in the boot an have a centre exhaust running, with bumper. anyone got the bumper an exhaust, im willing to pay postage to northern ireland!
  8. Has anyone swapped a MK1 Arosa dash for a MK2? Is it a straight swap? Wiring all the same? bolts all line up? heater controls and such the same? If anyone has done it please let me know Cheers James
  9. So i've just started here and I'll be inheriting a Mk1 Arosa in august, I already know what I want to do to it, not really fussed on engine changes or exhaust etc.. because it's only a 1L. This it what I plan to do: Lowered 60mm Fox Motorsport 6 spoke wheels Under seat 900W sub and amp New steering wheel Reclining bucket seats De-badged grill Carbon wrap some of the interior Would these be good little changes for a first car or should I do something else? Suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Hey up I'm Adam. Heres my Arosa so far. see me about give me a toot.
  11. Hey There! Seems a bit of a silly question, but i've been having difficultly trying to locate a replacement mk1 surround for the grill on the front, as the clips are broken, so one side always pops out! it looks as though the lad who had it before has tried to superglue it back on! When i go on amazon/ebay to try and find one all i can get hold of is the actual grill itself not the surround, i've tried multiple scrap yards either they dont have any arosas at all or one side of the surround is broken aswell! What would be the best way to try get my hands on one, colour is no object!
  12. hello there! I want to remove the bump strips off the sides of my mk 1 arouser lol. I was just wondering is it easy? I would imagine there will be an obvious different in shades of colour! but my concern is, are they just glued on or are some clips?! thank you
  13. hello there need a bit of advice! a couple of days ago I had my cambelt and water pump replaced! since having the car back I have noticed a slight whistling noice, hard to explain?! basically when the revs get to about 2-3000 it starts then when I change gear it stops until the revs build up again! I never noticed it before it sounds kind of like when a turbo spools ?! (maybe he fitted a turbo instead) hahaha or am I going mad? what could this be?
  14. Hello everyone, i'm a newbie here :-) got myself a seat arosa mk1 for my first car only a 1l, cheap and cheerful (apart from the insurance)! no mods so far, apart from debadging her and some stickers , but getting some new plates, wind deflectors andsome new shiny wheel bolts for christmas, so i can be rolling on steelies! that should neaten her up abit! not sure why the photos came out so big hahaha stupid photobucket!
  15. This is Rory my 1.0 mk1 arosa s This is when I got him 6 months ago Completely standard except for some smoked indicators Picked up some jom coilovers and bought a set of bbs reps off a friend After running those for a few months I fancied a change Tried on a couple of friends wheels 16" steels Compomotives 15" Then I found a set of rota zeros on here from vwcal so snapped them up as quick as I could They were 8j et0 on the back so I was quite worried how they'd sit on my standard arches Luckily a friend is handy with a copper hammer and flattened them for me but they still p
  16. This thread will show my progress on my first car, Seat arosa mk1 in flash red. I bought the car in January 2012 knowing basically nothing about cars, so when i saw the ad for the arosa i instantly asked my mate if it was a good car as he had one himself, he said yeah and i should go view the car a couple days later i ended up buying. so here is how i bought the car: So when i bought the car i knew it was lowered but i never knew by how much. After having a grinding noise coming from under the car i took it to a garage to find out the drive shaft had come loose, this was in result of t
  17. okay so, i had this crazy idea that putting a motorbike end can on my arosa would be a good idea o.O... just wondering if any1 else has done it and how did it turn out? also does putting a reducer on the exhaust effect performance much? .. the exhaust behind the back box has a diamater of 1.75" but the exhaust i have lieing around is only like 1.275" would it effect it much and would it make the straight thru exhaust end can quieter?
  18. hi there!! just got myself a 1litre mk1 arosa S for my first car, and what can i say ... i love the little yellow thing haha just got a few questions though...1 1.) im trying to wire up a starter button for it.. i've found the starter motor wire to my ignition... but dont know which other wire it is that goes live only when the ignition is on... but isnt the auxillary? ... any ideas? 2) how the hell do i wire up a amplifier for my new head unit also? o.o i dont know which wire the red one goes to :3 ... as u may be able to tell not very good with cars ... more of a motorbike lad tbh thanks
  19. Is this possible? because i havent seen it done before. Is there anywhere to paint, because it looks like it is all the reflector. If anyone out there has painted them, post pictures please because im curious as to how this would be done Cheers.
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