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  1. For some unknown reason I have acquired some serious positive camber on my front driver side! I don't wanna pay a garage to sort it out, cos I've heard it's easy to do! Can anyone give me some advice or how to's, I'd be veeerryy greatful! :-)
  2. haahaha as if
  3. i think that may be possible, i haven't touched the car to see if it disappears hahah but maybe ill try that next time
  4. yeah we will have to! if i never done this post we would of never known who the phantom lupo owner was hahaha
  5. Ahh i see, yeah some of them are out 24/7 hahaha, you should come to bury more, theres people around every night! my lot have seen your car about but never seen you hahah it's like it had a ghost driver
  6. Hello there and welcome! V nice mk 1 :-)
  7. Not the lot with the mk2s (don't really speak to them haha!) I was at the top near barclays with a mk4 mk5 and a polo 9n but we went at about 10:30! ?
  8. Danny i have seen your lupo a few times in bury st edmunds town centre! a beauty! but yet to meet the driver
  9. Just looked at your posts that wasn't you that time but however i did see your little beauty last night in bury town centre!!
  10. Mk1 arosa friend in suffolk welcome
  11. Hello there! Same colour arosa as mine I have recently colour coded my front and rear valance! cheap mod and makes such a difference - theres an idea for you!
  12. Ahh okay bro! cheers for the advice
  13. Hey There! Seems a bit of a silly question, but i've been having difficultly trying to locate a replacement mk1 surround for the grill on the front, as the clips are broken, so one side always pops out! it looks as though the lad who had it before has tried to superglue it back on! When i go on amazon/ebay to try and find one all i can get hold of is the actual grill itself not the surround, i've tried multiple scrap yards either they dont have any arosas at all or one side of the surround is broken aswell! What would be the best way to try get my hands on one, colour is no object!
  14. Tonight a lowered black lupo was following me into red lodge/ worlington! - had a headlight out! was it you?!
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