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Found 13 results

  1. Hey So it seems looking this is a common problem with these cars and my drivers unit is getting very temperamental with working. The locking system still work its just the window switches for both passenger and driver. So I have had a look online and a new unit it rather expensive, however you run the risk of a second-hand unit only lasting a week or so after purchase. Now I have seen on eBay that you can purchase just the switches for £5 each, is this all that is wrong and can these be easily replaced? Or is it worth buying a complete new unit? Pictures added for illustration purposes.
  2. Hi Guys, I have some rear pop out windows for sale if anyone’s interested? Collection from - Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire £30 pair.
  3. Anyone gone back from pop out rear windows back to standard ?
  4. Hello I recently picked up a Lupo 1.4e and have been battling a number of electrical gremlins. So far, have had to replace all coil packs, traced a strange brake light issue where the lights come on, on their own (broken switch on pedal), and wind screen washer not working. The latest challenge is with the drivers side electric window. When I got the car it went up and down smoothly, but lately, when I press the button it will only go down (and up) a few inches a time - takes about 4 presses to make it go all the way down. Sometimes it doesn't move at all so worried it might pack up altogether. Any one out there got any ideas? Thinking not likely to be the motor as it wouldn't move at all? If so, is it the switch? If so, how do I get that out? - it looks like it should prise out but things are seldom that simple...? Anyway - any advice gratefully received Mark
  5. Hey guys, Been the owner of a Fox for the past two years now, but couldn't get an Urban Fox at the time, so had to get the basic one with non-electric windows! With summer (hopefully) approaching, electric windows would be so much nicer! Does anybody know if it is possible to retrofit them, and if so, how much for parts/where to get them from etc? Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  6. Hi guys. I am a newbie and have a 1999 Lupo 1.4S (green!). Unfortunately experiencing a couple of problems: 1. The central door locking mechanism starts clicking on and off while driving along. The door lock knobs don't move but you can hear the mechanism clicking away like mad; and 2. When unlocking the car both electric windows roll down. Once inside the car they can be put back up with the switches as per normal. Any thoughts much appreciated Cheers Andrew
  7. Hi All, just picked up my first Arosa and I love it! It came with a driver side window that wouldn't move at all, having previously been sticking halfway. My father and I tried a bunch of things I've seen suggested on various forums, including here, greased the runners, oiled the cables, greased the worm gear, etc, nothing presented a permanent solution, the window would work ok, but once it met any resistance it would just refuse to go any further. Switchgear was ok. After a while we had it so that it would move, but only up or down one step at a time, and you had to taker your finger off the button and press it again to get it to move another half an inch. Then it just stopped again and the relay would just click, as before, no movement. Having fished the glass out of the door and taken the mechanism back off, we tried something new. Turns out the problem was in the motor. The contacts were A-OK but there was a bunch of carbon dust in and around there and, importantly, the plastic/brass ring that the motor speed sensors pick up on. Pulled the shaft including the windings out of the gearbox and pulley housing, removed the motor casing, and blasted everything out with an air line. Greased the shaft ends up, put it back together and it works perfectly! I guess the dust was causing shorts or making the electronics think the window had jammed or something, thus preventing movement for safety. Anyway, just thought I'd share in case anyone has had a similar problem but not been able to fix theirs, I don't think I've seen this solution posted anywhere. Apologies if it was common knowledge. Love my new '01 Arosa S 1.0, love the forums! Thanks, Tango
  8. hi guys, i just bought a new door which has a electric window already fitted and my old door doesn't so does any one know the best way to wire it up/ fit it?
  9. Hi All, My Elsawin for my Arosa has circuit diagrams for the electric windows that are completely different to what the car actually has. I've managed to get hold of the wiring for the Lupo driver's side window and that matches what I have. Does anyone have a circuit diagram / wiring diagram for a Lupo passenger (left) side window that they could share with me? Many thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Stu
  10. Hi all! Purchased my 1st Lupo at the start of this week. After working for VW for a while, I jumped at the chance when I saw a Lupo for sale in my area and snapped it up. Immaculate condition for an 02 plate. I am over the moon with my purchase. There are a few things I would like to change though. More for convenience than anything else and was wondering if anyone could advise. I have manual locking. I have to unlock both doors automatically, I would like to upgrade this to central locking and after having a look about the internet have found some universal central locking kits. I was wondering if anyone had used these and how they found it. Although I have mechanical knowledge, I am hopeless at electrics and don't want to fit anything that may cause me electrical problems. I now work for Mitsubishi so I would be looking at fitting the kit myself. Also electric windows. Anyone any idea about changing these from manual. If it can't be done or if it is going to cause problems and high bills to rectify, I will be more than happy to leave it. As I said, it is more for convenience than anything else. Thanks Dani
  11. Just been having a look at this site, http://www.solarplexius.com/ And was wondering if anyone had any experience good or bad with this product?
  12. http://www.direct.go...hicle/DG_181016 Found this and it says (i think) that tint can be applied to the front windscreen. Am i right in assuming this or is this the level of tint that comes from factory. Does anyone know the percent of light factory glass lets through? Also, regarding the percentage, what do people see as a respectable level of tint because i think it looks silly having blacked out rears when your only allowed 75% on the fronts, dont want it too noticeable that the fronts and rears are different tints if you get my drift.
  13. Hi Guys, I know this is a common fault with the lupo's but My lupo window buttons light up when the lights on but the drivers doesnt work. It clicks but nothing happens, from reading a few other posts Im guessing the motors packed up.... Is there a walk through guide on how to remove the door card and replace the motor?!? Cheers, Ollie
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