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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone have a link or photos of an early 3L tailgate with an OEM Lupo GTI spoiler or other OEM VAG / Votex spoiler installed? I realize all the previously mentioned options will needed to modified to fit properly. As I am sure you are aware, the Lupo GTI spoiler would need to be extended at the tips of each side to meet up with the edge of the extended (upper area) of the early 3L gate . I am just curious if the Lupo GTI spoiler will fit somewhat properly other than the previously mentioned needed mod. Any help with this detail would be appreciated. The 3rd brake light hole would also need be filled or blacked out due to the brake light being fitted in the interior of this tailgate. My goal is to keep an aluminum tailgate on the vehicle for weight savings / higher MPG reasons. I am also open to quality aftermarket options without the split or indention in the middle. Sorry in advance if I missed another post on this topic during my search this info. Thanks
  2. Rh Cup alloy wheels 16x7.5 et35 4x100 maxxis tyres 215/40/16 all in mint condition Collection northampton or can send via couier £50
  3. Borbet bs 16x7.5 deep dish alloy wheels et35 good tyres collection Northampton or can post via couier £450
  4. Jamesnav7

    New Wheels!

    New snowflakes, what do you think? Also what other mods could I do that are reasonably cheap but give the car a completely different look, was thinking about getting some Genuine VW mudflaps and wind deflectors.
  5. Hi Guys, Right time for a bit of a rant! I apologise in advance. 2 weeks ago I had to park up the Arosa, as it decided to leak diesel all over the place and impersonate a v8 Took a look at it and the exhaust was in shocking condition and the fuel cooler had got a leak. So after searching all over fuel cooler and posting on here to see if there were any alternatives, I had to give in and do the one thing I hate. Take the car to a GARAGE I am fussy with the car and hate other people fiddling with it and thought I would be okay taking it to the local VAG specialist (now I will be nicer than I should and leave out their name). Got the car through to them, explained about the fuel cooler and said about the exhaust. They phoned through the next day and said they could get the fuel cooler but it would take 10 days! So I decided to let them go ahead and asked them to check over the exhaust completely. "Sure no problem, we'll call you when it's done" was the response I got. So yesterday I get the car back, and get this with it: So i was happy, apart from the amount, but no drama. It was fixed! Yay! But then...... Took it a for a drive this afternoon and something fell off.... BRILLIANT!!!! Anyway rant over... And if any of you guys are in the Aylesbury area and want to know where not to take your car feel free to PM me, Wes
  6. Here goes. The first few. More to come... Arise Sir Rob. by Ray Crabb, on Flickr Gangstas by Ray Crabb, on Flickr B by Ray Crabb, on Flickr SEAT Arosa by Ray Crabb, on Flickr SEAT Arosa by Ray Crabb, on Flickr Arosas: Pink and Green by Ray Crabb, on Flickr Arosas; Green & Pink by Ray Crabb, on Flickr Green by Ray Crabb, on Flickr Arosa: Pink Turbines by Ray Crabb, on Flickr Arosas; in the pink by Ray Crabb, on Flickr In the pink by Ray Crabb, on Flickr More to come...
  7. Ive put a fault reader on my lupo and im getting the following engine codes; 17646 - Fuel Injector for Cylinder 2 (N31): Open Circuit 17645 - Fuel Injector for Cylinder 1 (N30): Open Circuit 17647 - Fuel Injector for Cylinder 3 (N32): Open Circuit 17648 - Fuel Injector for Cylinder 4 (N33): Open Circuit Any ideas what these mean?
  8. I was wondering if anyone is thinking of going or would like to go, most meets for me are far away or at the wrong time and this is better suited so I would like to go. Anyone else interested?
  9. Hi everyone, Not much of a poster on here...more of a lurker. So I thought I'd post a readers ride blog of the gfs loop and my Ibiza. The lupo was bought already modified, somethings I like, but not too keen on the wheels myself or the audi s-line badge on the back... but Amie (gf) wont let me take it off. I tell her it looks crap but she wont listen!!! Lupo Spec: 1.4 16v 100bhp momo 15" alloys split spoiler headlight brows standard suspension standard exhaust Some pics for you; I try my best to convince her to get new wheels at least.... she wanted to at one point, nearly had some bbs rx's but the guy sold them to someone else after we had agreed to come collect them, got there and they'd gone... Anyways on to my Ibiza "Stealthrider". Ibiza Spec: 1.4 16v 100bhp "Sportrider" 16" BBS rx2's Black centres with rims colour coded to the car BMC CDA Seat Sport strut brace Led bulbs where they can be Pressed Plates TT pedals S2000 Aeriel Pics before and after bbs
  10. Another month is upon us very quickly. A very good turn out last month with new cars turning up all the time. Spread the word people... there are 500 places that can be filled. For those who have not been before, we are on the top level of car park C. Its the open air level. As always I will be there with my camera taking some nice shots of the cars that attend. If you want to get some individual shots on a a different car park level where you have the full effects of the lighting, speak to me on the night and I will set my camera and tripod up and get you those good pictures. Come and enjoy, but don't be the idiot that spoils it for everyone else. Scott. Find us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/210510725643416/
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