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  1. Okay just a quick on this, when I had the powerflow exhaust put on a VAG "specialist" (and I use the term loosely) had just replaced the cat for 199 including fitting. so it was 260 for powerflow from the cat back + the 199 for a cat so about 460 for both. But the Powerflow guy did say he could do a decat using an empty cat box (to try and get round fussy MOT guys) and he said that he can do that for 60. Definitely would not pay 1k for a tdi exhaust, would have cost that for miltek system with a high flow cat for my old leon...
  2. Yeah, still have the cat in mine, but even with that there is a difference. Not a huge one, but it does pull for a little longer.
  3. Not sure if you'll be interested or not, but I just had a full system from the cat back done by a power flow specialist. Was £260 all in.
  4. Yep, it's the back box! And it is the last time I will trust anyone to work on the car but me. A little embarrassing as it nearly took out the car behind me.
  5. Hi Guys, Right time for a bit of a rant! I apologise in advance. 2 weeks ago I had to park up the Arosa, as it decided to leak diesel all over the place and impersonate a v8 Took a look at it and the exhaust was in shocking condition and the fuel cooler had got a leak. So after searching all over fuel cooler and posting on here to see if there were any alternatives, I had to give in and do the one thing I hate. Take the car to a GARAGE I am fussy with the car and hate other people fiddling with it and thought I would be okay taking it to the local VAG specialist (now I will be nicer than I should and leave out their name). Got the car through to them, explained about the fuel cooler and said about the exhaust. They phoned through the next day and said they could get the fuel cooler but it would take 10 days! So I decided to let them go ahead and asked them to check over the exhaust completely. "Sure no problem, we'll call you when it's done" was the response I got. So yesterday I get the car back, and get this with it: So i was happy, apart from the amount, but no drama. It was fixed! Yay! But then...... Took it a for a drive this afternoon and something fell off.... BRILLIANT!!!! Anyway rant over... And if any of you guys are in the Aylesbury area and want to know where not to take your car feel free to PM me, Wes
  6. They use the AMF engine, but I think the fabia uses the same system as the 9n. Anyway seems like I am in luck (sort of). Local VAG garage has tracked one down. So I should be back in action in 7-10 days. Thanks for all the help guys
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Have been hunting for one off a 6n platform (any of them) and can't seem to find them anywhere. Might need to start thinking outside the box on this, need to get it back on the road. I do a fair amount of mileage so does anyone know if I bypass it if it will cause issues?
  8. Hi Guys, I really need a hand with this. Got Arosa TDI which is lowered, and have managed to damage the fuel heat dissapator underneath. Found the part number (6n0201895 in case anyone needs it) but Perrys say it's discontinued And VW have no stock. Now the local salvage place has one from a 9n polo 1.4 tdi. Does anyone know if this will fit? Any help would be great
  9. Sorry to bring this old thread to life, but the plastic bit of the fuel cooler pictured above is leaking on my TDI. Any idea on what the part number and cost of one of those are?
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