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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, can anyone give us some advice on what Subs and Amps sound the dogs ****? Wanna make me Lupo proper funky so we can rave our tits off. Cheers, Luke
  2. Hi all, does anyone know if installing a couple of subs and an amp is difficult with the wiring etc as I want some for my Lupo. Cheers, Luke
  3. Hello I'm tying to fit a sub. All is well except running the power trough the bulkhead. Where can I get it through nice and easy? I couldn't see anywhere behind the footwell carpet. It's a 2005 1.4 sport 100bhp.. Also, where can I find an adapter for the door components? I'll get the standard paper speakers drilled out ok, but need some sort of fitting ring?
  4. Someone is willing to sell me the following equpitment for £50 but i am unsure if this is good value as i already have a setup and would probably just sell it on. Infinity Reference RA6006 6 way amplifier Infinity Reference 475a 4 way amplifier Infinity 12" subwoofer (not sure on product name) Your help will be greatly appreciated
  5. Past. Present. Exterior Styling: - Removed rear Wiper. - Removed side bumper strip's. - Colour matched bumpers. - Smoked indicators. - Red brake calipers. - Wind deflectors. - Many stickers. - Checked vinyl wrapped fuel cap. - Flared arches. - Smoothed front bumper. - Black Sun strip. Sound: - Sony X-plod Stereo. - 1200 watt Sub. Interior: - Black Lupo GTI Seats. - Black Door Cards. - Stickers again. - False Floor - Black under dash and centre console. Engine: - Induction Kit - Ghetto as **** RockStar oil catcher. - Boso style Exhaust. - Red rocker cover - Exposed Black Manifold. Chassis: - TA Technix Coilovers - 13" Ally Cat, 7J Wheels. Future mods: - GTI spoiler. - Import style number plates. - Compressed rear springs to get them extra lows! - Wide angled rear view mirror. - Smoked headlights.
  6. Hi all i have an awesome false floor boot build which I'm considering selling anyone who interested email or text me and i will send pics Email; no1_mufc_fan@hotmail.com Phone: 07729498168 Cheers guys
  7. hello guys, I'm quite new to this, i have just brought a 1.0 lupo Se in black, as my first car, ive got a few mods lined up for it, one of these is fitting my new head unit and sub in my boot, i have brought a new sony mex-bt3900u head unit which works great, I've also got myself a nice vibe slice subwoofer and amp, I've managed to install the head unit easy, now it comes to the fitting of the sub, i have no idea how to run the Remote cable and the RCA cable from the back of my head unit so that it will come out in the passenger footwell so i can run them to my boot. could anyone help me with this. Pictures or diagrams of how to do this or whatever Thanks in advance Ben
  8. Been trying to figure out how to get the positive wire from the sub through to the battery, can't see anywhere too ease the wire through to the battery, any ideas
  9. Thought i'd just whap up a quick piccy of what im planning on fitting in the car when i finally get the time: Sundown SAZ-1500d amp Valeo 108a Passat alternator Focal PS-165 Component speakers KnuKonceptz 0AWG cable Stinger 14AWG Speaker wire 5L Fiberglass kit 5L Contact adhesive Paint + lacquer kit Already fitted: Alpine CDE-135BT Head unit XS Power D1200 AGM Battery 'The Big 3' Upgrade with black KnuKonceptz 0AWG I've probably missed out something but i've still got plenty left to buy
  10. Putting in an infinity kappa 1400w in my Mk2 Arosa and need some advice on what size amp i need with it... I'm on a tight budget so dont really wanna spend over 250-300 pound...
  11. Long story short, i have gone and brought a 750w Sub, for the back of my lupo tdi 1.4 and dont know where to put the live wire? Now i have looked and looked and looked, for a place to put the live wire from the battery (that goes to the sub), I have had no luck getting through to the inside of the car via under the bonnet. ( i dont have a manual yet either ) I have unbolted 2 of the window washer nuts and for a start cant even remove the washer bottle! so i gave up with that. I pulled some of the plastic just under the windscreen away, and all i can see is an air vent opening! so i gave up with that. There are some chunky cables that are at the back just under the windscreen, but they are wrapped and not tubed, for a start i dont even know where they go, and also they are tightly wrapped so pushing a wire down one of them would be like trying to get a fat chick through a letterbox so i gave up with that. Basically can anyone show me or tell me (a picture would be great help) where i should try and put this live wire, i have had no luck so far and these things drive me up the wall! Also i have heard that they are always live, so would this drain my battery, and what could i do to that if thats the case, i dont really fancy wiring in a switch which i would then have to hide, could i not hook this sub up to run off the back of my stereo or something? So then it turns on/off with my stereo, that would be ideal! Thank you to anyone who can help me out! You angles!
  12. hi, when im installing my aftermarket stereo i have a problem i was wondering someone could help me with. when i turn my car off, when i next come to my stereo it has lost all radio channels. i heard something about switching the red and yellow wires but im unsure how to take them out of the plastic plug as i dont want to break them. my second issue is when i come to wiring my subwoofer, and attach my control wire to the blue remote going into the back of the head unit, i have a constant live. all the wires from the actual lupo are different colours to the adapter plug wires going into the back of my headunit, and seem to be in different places. any help i would really appreciate! i have a sendai headunit( bad i know but it has front aux) thanks!
  13. hi, just taken the sub out of my mates car and put it in mine. He wanted to keep the wiring so we sort of made a homemade kit. for the power we used a really thick gauge stiff copper wire, the sort you use in wiring sockets in the house. my question is do you think its the heavy gauge wiring which is causing it to be quiter and less punchy than in my mates car? thanks
  14. I have a 12" Vibe sub enclosure already in the boot of my lupo but can I use other make subs and amps with this enclosure? And if so, what are the good brands to go for?
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