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  1. Here is my Lupo 1.4s for sale, I'm a true enthusiast for VW's, It's completely unmodified except for a remote central locking kit which I had professionally fitted and a 6N2 polo dial cover which looks much smarter. Manual 104k miles 6 months tax, 6 months MOT Fully body coded bumpers Recent servicing includes: Recent Servicing: Cambelt/Water Pump/ Drivebelt just changed – 400 miles ago New VW discs and pads 3000 miles ago Engine Oil & oil filter just changed Gear box oil and oil seal changed Clutch changed 8000 miles ago Spark plugs changed 1000 miles ago New VW battery 3000 miles ago 4 new premium tyres Shes in fantastic condition no bumps or scrapes! Please see my ebay ad: http://www.ebay.co.u...9#ht_814wt_1344 In need of a quickish sale as I've deposited for my next car. £1500 ono which I think is more than fair considering the money she's had on her recently. Car is in Farnham Surrey Please feel free to contact me: 07411863024
  2. that is NOT the gear oil filler plug, its an inspection port.
  3. there are 4 grounding bolts directly behind the ashtray for various electrics. take out the centre trim - remove gear gaiter, hanbrake cover and a couple of torx screws either side.
  4. Use a voltmeter over the terminals to check and check for a short on battery neg
  5. trust me there is no clip, i have taken one of my car and one that was being broken. you just have to yank really hard with one hand and twist it at the base using the other!
  6. It just pulls off, it looks like it doesnt but it does. It's about a 10 second job. Make sure you clean all the crap out on the PCV housing, use an old toothbrush or something.
  7. you could find this information out for yourself with a quick search on euro car parts, but judging by how you have written your question your knowledge of cars appears to be limited at best so if would give it to a mechanic.
  8. yes you put it in the coolant expansion tank, but it shouldn't need it - if the liquid is coloured it means it has antifreeze.
  9. Hi, my friend is breaking a 6n2 with ABS and my lupo doesn't have abs. The mounts are all there and all the brakes are the same size. is it possible to retrofit it in?
  10. possible short to ground on battery negative, check clearance
  11. I changed it, there's a good guide in the how to section. It takes 2.7 litres of ep 75w90
  12. first port of call would be change the gearbox oil, simple, cheap and fixes a lot of problems
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