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Found 17 results

  1. Hello I really want camber on rear and I've heard you can do it with washers? Can someone tell me how to or post a link where it says how? Cheers Tom
  2. Are baby G6 steelies worth anything currently have stretched tyres on ? Thanks
  3. In need of some Cambridge rear lights, preferably secondhand.
  4. Hi guys, I have been given a universal back box and really want to fit it, I've seen a few lupos where the tip sits underneath the bumper. I was wondering how you actually do that? I've got a 1.4 75bhp model. Any help will be much appreciated!
  5. Hi all i have an awesome false floor boot build which I'm considering selling anyone who interested email or text me and i will send pics Email; no1_mufc_fan@hotmail.com Phone: 07729498168 Cheers guys
  6. So I want to buy a set of os4 jbw for the lupo.. But the et is et25 will they fit my 1litre lupo? Because it's say lupo et are 35 or something! Or would I need to do anything? Help please! http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=201011201339 Also would I need 7j or 8j or 7j front 8j back!? Also will I need 7j or 8j? Or 7j front 8j back?!
  7. found some 15" ats cups that i am willing to purchase but before i commit was wondering if anyone wiser than me know if they fit i know the fact they are 4x100 so they would and i understand the fact that i need to have lower profile tyres in order to keep the overal diameter the same but was looking for advice on offsets and rim width ie would they be outside the arch width. any help would be apreciated thanks harry
  8. he currently own a 1.4 vw lupo sport in red and was wondering what rims to get got a budget of about £250 - £375 was thinking about some ronal turbos but advice would be great thanks.
  9. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had put yellow laminex over the front headlights on a pastel blue Lupo, I'm not sure if it will match? Pictures anyone? Cheers
  10. BenStanden


    Hey guy's i was wondering where the best plave or way to get a 1 peice spoiler for a 1999 1l lupo? I've already been browsing the net and found some for like £180 but was looking for something more under £100.
  11. Hi I'm new to the forum and I recently purchased a Lupo 1.4s and I'm planning to do it up as a show car, my first project is my wheels I'm spraying the steel wheels white hub covers and callipers red and I have also arranged to get the bolts anodised red but I also want to space the wheels out I'm thinking 25mm on the back 15mm on the front so can anyone recommend or direct me to some good wheels spacers and wider arches. Thanks neil
  12. Hello, Wondering about a 1.0 Lupo and a middle exhaust like the GTI version, i`m wondering if anyone has made there exhaust in the middle or have they put the gti bumpers on a non-gti lupo, this properly sounds stupid but if i could get any advice on this it would be great. Cheers
  13. Hi guys! not long had my lupo gti, Y Reg 2001. Ive seen some cool photos of interiors where lupos have had a docking station for their ipods and a drinks holder. I assume they're from another spec/model or manufacturer. Mine has the console with a cd player and cassette player. Where can i get one and where can i fit it? Any help would be great, Thanks! Liam
  14. So my lupo had a dent in the front wing, i got a new wing the "same" colour, however, due to the wing being sprayed that color recently, and the paint on the rest of the car being 13 years old and by the looks of things never waxed and polished by the previous owner, the new wing is slightly off from the faded paint. Alot of people cant notice it until i point it out but its doibg my head in, anyone know the best way to fix this without a full respray, either bringing the old paint back to life? Or somehow fading the new paint? If not im just gonna stickerbomb the s**t out of that wing lmao. Thanks
  15. Hello, I'm a new member to CL and I'm 16. Basically, I've been looking to get a 1.0L. Lupo for my first car and I will be going into the dub scene of course! In doing so, I'd like to get a GTI "kit" on it. Such as grill, front bumper, rear bumper, spoiler and side skirts basically. Also i'd like to get a bonnet which covers a bit of the light. But is this actually possible? I'll be looking to buy a lupo 1L. in black from the reg 2000-2005. Also if this is possible could you fellow Lupo'ers send me links where I can get the GTI stuff from other than GTI's breaking on ebay. Cheers, Jack
  16. i looked on the rim guide but couldn't see them just wondered if they're stock or what?
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