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  1. People seem to be split on the bmc cda then. Its a better sound apparently, my friend had one on his with his straight through pipe and it sounded great. However, a k&n is good? and cheaper! Do any of you have any videos of the sounds they put out? It would be great to hear the sounds. Thanks again lads
  2. Can you elaborate into abit more detail please mate as i'm not as clued up as i'd like to be about those parts Thanks though
  3. Right guys, after buying new coilovers, wishbones, disks and pads all round as well as wheel bearings, and top mounts. Im also going to be having my cambelt done. With this in mind theres no way i'm going to be selling it on straight away and giving all that money away to the next person to own it. With this in mind i want to make some more subtle but good upgrades. Potentially exhaust, induction kit.. I just need help on which products to buy please, the brand and why that one is best. Im not on an extremely tight budget, my car isnt show standard but id like it to be at least a few heads up on the amateur dubbers mooching around. any help would be much appreciated, thanks lads n lasses
  4. Where the Staffordshire dubbers at?!

  5. Threads posted by girls get so many more replies hahah

    fitting g60s

    No arch work or spacers required my mate. Jack it up ans bang em on. Best steelies goin in my opinion. Look sick on my lupo! Black centre caps all the way!


    Pink steering wheel covers from halfords are nice. And maybe some pink furry dice for the rearview mirror?


    forza horizon is the best game ive bought in a long time! IF YOU LIKE MUSIC, IF YOU LIKE GIRLS, IF YOU LIKE CARS. Forza horizon literally makes you feel like youre going to edition 38 etc. youre gonna get wasted and try and pull some girl whos way out of your league. Then check out some unreal cars and break a few speed limits getting to and from there. The game soundtrack is also ridiculously good! BUY FORZA HORIZON
  9. yeah man thats the badger! i had a little look earlier on and i think theres screws in aligning places underneath the dash, so that will probably fit!
  10. yeah man red azevs! the guy i bought it off kept them and they are for sale currently
  11. This is what i have to 'play with'. haha.
  12. Ill take a photo shortly and upload to explain better. Did that lupo already have drinks holders as standard?
  13. Hi guys! not long had my lupo gti, Y Reg 2001. Ive seen some cool photos of interiors where lupos have had a docking station for their ipods and a drinks holder. I assume they're from another spec/model or manufacturer. Mine has the console with a cd player and cassette player. Where can i get one and where can i fit it? Any help would be great, Thanks! Liam
  14. Hi guys. New car... Lupo GTI! Only mods so far are having it lowered and ive bought some g60 steelies, and put some 195 -45 - 15 goodyear eagle f1 assymetric 2 tyres on. Its like driving a go kart now! Oh and its also had a pretty sweet induction kit on. I bought it without the GTI badges on but i want them both back on. Any thoughts on what else i can do to subtly improve the interior and exterior? (I Used to have a polo 6n)
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