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    Lola the lupo
  1. Ok cheers man what part could have failed ? Or will the whole system need changing ?
  2. Break fluid level is just below full which leads me to believe its the abs module ? Any idea how much this is gonna cost ? And I though the 16v was the s aha ?
  3. What do I do if the abs has failed or is malfunctional ?
  4. Just wondered if anyone can help me when I'm driving my cars traction control sound beeps and my hand break and abs lights flash I have tried to connect with 2 different code readers but both only read error when trying to connect to the abs ecu :/ please can anyone give any advice or help me it is a 1.4 lupo s Thanks Neil
  5. Not worth the hassal then haha ill keep looking thanks anyway
  6. Someone must have some idea ? Also will they poke ? I don't want any hassal with the law haha
  7. And to add the car isn't lowered
  8. I'm looking to get some teledials for my lupo and have seen a set a really like there 15x7 et22.3 with 195 tyres and I'm gonna run them on 15mm adapters and wanted to know of they will fit without any rubbing ? Thanks
  9. Ill give them a pass then haha spotted another set of bottle tops gonna keep an eye on them
  10. Outbid last minute can anyone tell me if the alleycat alloys will fit my lupo says pcd is 101.6 but I never heard of that :S
  11. Yeah really like the look of them and there at a great price
  12. Bidding on them on eBay finishes tonight haha
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