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  1. Hello, Before I put it on eBay, I thought someone here might be interested. I'm selling my Arosa 1.4s that I've owned form new. It's got lots of early history but ended up with me servicing it. Just had a new alternator and starter motor so starts on the button. It looks okay for the year but there are bits and pieces that need attention - it would be the basis od a great project. It runs and drives and I'm just about to put it on SORN. The registration is CU53 CVJ, so you can look up it's MOT history - it currently has one. Any reasonable cash offer will be considered or a Jack Russel pu
  2. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a genuine ABT prepared German ADAC Lupo Cup car built for the German equivalent of the UK Renault Clio Cup, a former support series of the DTM. The car is one of three sold by VW Motorsport to the UK in early 2000’s. This Cup Car was later prepared by Grant Motorsport and raced by Mark Hope in the 2004 UK VW Racing Cup, running a 1.6 185BHP AVY engine with AFH head on throttle bodies. It was later upgraded to a 250BHP 1.8 20vT engine by Grant Motorsport but it was subsequently sold onto Anderson Racing Engines absent of any running gear. P
  3. Hi, im looking to do 1.8t in Lupo but I'm not sure what engine mounts to use. Would anyone be able to help me please?!?
  4. hi there I'm doing a 1.820vt conversion on my mk1 arosa and I'm going to use the 5 speed box but am just wondering as I'm aware that you need to shorten the passenger side drive shaft has anyone ever tried running a breadvan drive shaft as I have one laying about and it seams to be a lot shorter
  5. VW LUPO E FOR SALE I am personally very fond of my VW Lupo (Abbey) as she was a very reliable easy to get along with first car and if I could I would keep her but with my current circumstance I just cant. she has become a bit of a project car in her old age as she is now 16 years old and I unfortunately don't have the time or the money to spend on getting her back to new but saying that she wouldn't take much to get back on the road and I myself used to enjoy many a sunny afternoon with the sunshine roof open cruising along. Abbey is free to anyone who wants a project car as I would
  6. You must forgive me as I am not sure if I am allowed to try and sell my car in this section of the site. I have got a VW Lupo 1.0 MPI for sale though. 2002 Reg on 02 plate, It is a very clean car inside and out with very few and minor bodywork damage. By this I mean 2-3 tiny scratches that are difficult to see and NO DENTS whatsoever. I am selling her due to the fact I bought the car in the pretense that I was going to make her a very nice first car that would be loved by all, however, sadly I am no longer be able to make her my dream first car. I bought her in October 2
  7. So! i thought it was about time i started posting on here instead of simply creeping... so ill start from the beginning. bought the loop close to 3 years ago, in a sorry state, but all the beauty of "bought not built" my apologies also for the mega long first post. so naturally i started into the cosmetic things before the mechanical... naturally the first thing was wheels, picked up a lovely set of bbs rms in fabulous condition for a steal, only problem being they are 7.5j and 8j. with the other whip and the mates 306 I know what you may be thinking... wide enough right? no sir... the f
  8. Hi All I picked up the misses Lupo TDI last night BEing more of a Jap guy having had 4 mx5's 2 turbos and 2 throttle bodied. I have no idea of VW lol So might need abit of help!! I am also dyslexic i will try my best but bare with me if anything annoys you about my grammar please refrain from commenting THANK YOU Spec Below: Lupo TDI Sport 1.4 (107BHP 200 Torq) 1999 reg 110kMilesLowered (coilovers)Remapped Straight through ExhaustVault meterBoost Gauge (fitted but not working) Might need help with this.Bad Boy Bonnet Ok first things i notice on the 40mile journey back in RED was(if you coul
  9. mpiloop

    Silly 1.0L

    So I've got a 1.0l lupo and being a mechanic and enthusiastic tinkerer, I feel the need to push it to its limits, and before people start saying but a gti or buy a 1.4 or engine convert it the point of this is to have fun an try to push the boundaries of this way to practice 1.0L. Any ideas would be great as to what to do. I've already gone for the standard of lowering and banded steels, however im feeling some forced induction coming along and feel that a supercharger is the better way to go for this, as turbo converting it may be stupid, I have access to a fabrications workshop and body-sho
  10. Hi guys, just introducing myself as i am new here. After looking through everyone else's i thought id finally post some pics. Anyway i have got myself a 1.4s in good condition in storm grey with exceptionally low mileage, just 17000, 04 plate with a couple of minor marks. For now i have just made some minor mods to start with. such as de badged rear, stubby aerial and pressed plates. Hopefully going to get some coilovers in a few months and then go from there. After a wash and wax i decided to blitz the interior. Stripped back my rusty drums and painted them black. Apologies for the sup
  11. So here we gooooo Ive had club lupo for a while now but didnt have the the car, ive finally got my hands on a little 1.0 litre lupo which is currently ongoing a project. Im starting to buy detail for the car getting the little touches to suit me. Im currently waiting for my coilovers to be delivered so i can finally put my little lilly on her ass!! Ill start uploading photos soon but thought i should just introduce myself to the lupo world!!! Thanks for reading guys!!
  12. Hello, I'm new to this forum, and was hoping to share my Seat Arosa, although I cant seem to figure out to put a picture up! I'd like to start a thread on here for the start of this project, to document it... And hopefully get some constructive criticism were needed! Anyway, the name is Sarah and i'm from Northern Ireland. Hope there is some more of you from over here! Thanks
  13. this is my thread of my car! i've had my car since i was 15 and im now 18! so ive found some photos from ages ago to show how i got it and stuff! hope you enjoy ill keep you updated on new mods and general stuff! This is how i brought it for £150! the headgasket has gone and needs new brakes and lots more! i've already sprayed my badges and added a few stickers i got it off a old american guy! First mod was to take the rear wiper off! [url=http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/tommysmee123/media/P1020233.jpg.html Coilovers came! Lupos off to get fixed! and mot'ed had to higher it to fit on low
  14. Hi I'm new to the forum and I recently purchased a Lupo 1.4s and I'm planning to do it up as a show car, my first project is my wheels I'm spraying the steel wheels white hub covers and callipers red and I have also arranged to get the bolts anodised red but I also want to space the wheels out I'm thinking 25mm on the back 15mm on the front so can anyone recommend or direct me to some good wheels spacers and wider arches. Thanks neil
  15. Okay so heres my first car. I bought her in January. She came, de-badged with front arches rolled. Tires were bald so got new boots all round. She came with wheel trims but after ripping them off to change tyres i realised she'd look alot nicer without the tacky things. The engine was absolutely disgusting inside and dutterssssssss. So i got a paintbrush and some gum remover and made her all fresh. slammed in some new blue sidelights Then i decided it was time to make my steelies look a little nicer... Got myself some smooth hamerite and a brush and gave them a touch up after sanding.
  16. Hi guys, Right, I have a 2010 VW Fox 1.2 in Red! I wasnt very enthusiastic when I had to downgrade from my VW Golf 1.9TDI to this... anyway, i need to do something to make this car look good. I need some thoughts on: VW 14" alloy wheels to replace steels + hubcaps Chrome front mask Bonnet Bra?? (not so keen on this but open to opinions) Lowering it a bit K&N Panel air filter Wind deflectors What I'd like to know from all you experienced follks out there is if you think it would look decent.. and would the K&N make a sound difference? Also, any suggestions of cheap mods which would mak
  17. This thread follows a legendary build completed by a well-known VAG guru. Original thread which I sourced: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=62722&st=0 2 years down the line, this '1.0 litre' Mk1 Arosa has fell upon my possession. It is a well known car in the local area, and many people have had the privilege of driving it. Spec: 1.4 6N AFH K&N cone air filter A3 bushes (I believe..) Front coilies / chopped rears - unknown shocks BBS 15" Corbeau bucket seats Custom rear strut G40 steering wheel 16v brakes Shortened bike can There's probably more... My intentions are to
  18. :thumbup:Hello am new to club lupo, just recently been banned from driving around october last year, previously car was 1.6 mk4 golf se, had to sell it after being banned, now am looking for something small probs 1.0ltr as am only 19, so to cut it short am after a breaking lupo or any lupo needing a lot of work done to it which can keep me busy until 5th october when ban is over, hit me up with pictures n offers cheers https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150352227124972&set=t.100002538031855&type=3&theater
  19. Hi guys, just bought my first car! obviously had to be a lupo! spraying it from lilac/blue to all black. then want to get loads of mods on it not really engine mods cause of insurance is a shocker hopefully get pictures on soon!!
  20. Up for sale is my Lupo sport project because I have far too many projects, and just don't have the time to finish it! Everything is there to complete it. The engine is in position on the mounts but not fully wired up. I have attached the driveshafts and gear linkage but you will need to fit the exhaust manifold/intake/throttle body/fuel rail etc. and all wiring (all there in the engine bay, just needs connecting). It is a 1.4 16v Lupo Sport with 91000 miles. The car is still MOT'd but not sure how long. It has electric windows but the drivers side has come off runner, easy fix. The door check
  21. I am looking for a 1.0l rolling shell so I can put my engine into it. I have a clean engine just need a shell or a 1.0l Lupo with a knackered engine as I have everything to fix it all up Looking for a quick buy really, would like to get on the road quickly Contact me on courtneymattocks@gmail.com
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