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  1. I will be in Winchester with the wheels this weekend (a rare opportunity!) if anyone wants any measurements, photos, viewings, or a set wrapped up and delivered to your door! Feel free to PM me any questions. Cheers, Jamie
  2. I acquired these wheels over the space of a few years, intending to build the ultimate set for my two mk1 Golf project cars. Unfortunately the Golf's are long gone, and I'm clearing out my wheel collection to put the money towards going travelling/funding a new car. Therefore, I am offering 6 complete sets of Compomotive Turbo split rims. These are my all time favourite wheels and you could certainly say I'm obsessed!

There are a range of PCD's, but I believe there are two sets 4x100, two 4x95.25, one 4x101, and one 4x98. There are a few spare centres also. The dishes and barrels are all in pairs or sets of four, and again, there is a good range of sizes so you can build the perfect set for your car and sell the rest on if you wish. These are all in very good condition with minimal curbing (apart from the obviously damaged ones; there are spares to replace these), but do require polishing. I know this is an awful advert with awful pictures, but I will update it is soon as I can. Here are some terrible pictures to give you an idea: I have refurbished one set, and had the dishes back from the polisher: Here's some inspiration for you!: These wheels rarely come up for sale, and I've spent an absolute fortune on them (even to the point of buying complete cars to get hold of the wheels!). I've come to the point where I just really want to get rid of them, and the easiest and most convenient way is just to sell them as one lot. I have previously had interest from people building track cars because the spares are ideal for them so I may have to go down that route, but thought it was worth putting them up here just in case. I am looking for £4200 for the lot. If people are interested I will split but they will be £900+ a set as they are. I'd be looking for £1050 a set fully refurbished (I don't really have the time to do this currently, but please enquire if interested). Although the PCD's aren't all perfect for VAG applications, these wheels are extremely sought after for classic mini's, Fords and other marques. I have full access to a machine shop (currently studying a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering), and will be machining two sets to either 4x100 or 4x108. If you have any other requests for machining, let me know and I'll do my best, but I'm limited on free time! 
The wheels are located in Winchester, Hampshire. This is my fathers house, but I am just outside Bath if that's easier for collection.
 My contact number is: 07837 892836 

Any questions, feel free to ask!
  3. Those Ak streets seem to give a good ride, but they do fall apart quickly! All of the second hand sets seem to have 'slight leaks'!
  4. Just to give you an idea:
  5. I had a set of bottle tops on my light blue mk1 golf. They were magnolia (!) with a polished lip. I liked it!
  6. As said, the benefits will be negligible. If you really wanted to tune it you could go for a 4-branch manifold and exhaust then bike carbs/throttle bodies, but the price will probably be more than a 1.6 conversion!
  7. Unfortunately I don't have vag-com. I have removed and cleaned out the throttle body, is there any way I can reset the codes without vag-com? I guess leaving the battery disconnected for a while doesn't work? Thanks
  8. Also, when revs are held at 2000rpm for a while, there is sometimes a very slight (only just noticeable) misfire. Otherwise, the car drives perfectly. Any ideas?!
  9. Hi all, having some issues and really hope you can help! I haven't driven the Lupo for a while so I charged the battery and went out to it today. When it's cold, it wants to idle really low (will cut out after a few seconds if not revved). If I keep the revs up around 1200rpm for a minute or so it will idle and drive perfectly. I can then turn it off and it starts again instantly, but when left to go cold and re-started it won't idle. It's a 1.4s (75bhp), and the egr valve is blanked but otherwise standard. If I hold the revs around 2000rpm the oil light can sometimes come on. My thoughts: - Charge battery - done, no difference - Check oil - absolutely fine, quite high on the level but not excessive - Clean throttle body - do I just clean the actual port where the air enters? Or is there some sort of sensor that can be cleaned? - Clean 'black box' crank case breather I have emptied the fuel tank and replaced for fresh fuel and some redex. It was MOT'd with this fault and passed emissions fine. I am just trying to sell the car, and it's typical that problems would start to occur now! Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
  10. I know they're not to everyones taste, but they are more subtle in real life rather than pictures! Also doesn't help having skinny little steels on at the moment. Really need this gone now, it's a bargain?!
  11. Would rather not p/x because I'm trying to cut down on cars due to storage issues, GLWS though. ju63r, it is clearly shown in the pictures where the arch has been bonded, I don't think it will be relevant to your car. Need this gone now! Will listen to offers...
  12. Still here and new pictures at last! Only had time to give it a quick rinse off but it's still come up nicely. Front passenger side arch bonded on: Crack on rear drivers side bumper:
  13. I'm really sorry I'm snowed under with uni work at the moment! Last exam in January is on the 20th and then I have a week off so I will give it a good clean, tidy it up, and add lots of new pictures! I have had a lot of people interested, especially on other forums but I know you have been interested for a while so I will PM you as soon as I manage to get some pictures! Thanks, Jamie
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