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  1. Make: Volkswagen Model: Lupo GTI 54 plate MOT: until may TAX: n/a Engine size: 1.6 Fuel type: petrol Description including modifications: Lovely little car that i really don't want to get rid of, but a recent move to london means I cant keep it anymore. Its currently on 105k. Has just had a full service and runs well. Cambelt and water pump were done 2 years ago at 92k, had a new battery and alternator 1 year ago and 2 new front tyres 6 months ago. mods with receipts for all major ones are as follows: Smooth Front Bumper Mk4 Recaro Front seats Full Leather Retrim in red, black diamond stitchi
  2. I was wondering would it be possible to swap 5th out of a diesel gear box such as a 1.7 sdi gear box and install the 5th gear into my 5 speed lupo gti gearbox so I can have a longer 5th gear? I haven't seen anyone else post about it so I'm wondering if it is possible to swap or is there another way around it??? Would be great if someone could get bavk with a answer, cheers.
  3. Right I know I'll get some stick for this but I'll go ahead anyway. Who's got any gauges? And photos of them. I'm looking for what suits a lupo as I'll be playing with mine in the coming months....
  4. I'm wanting to change the speedo and binnacle cover in my lupo. Are the polo and lupo speedo and binnacle the same? Cheers in advance Kailum.
  5. Hello, So I managed to burst my inner CV joint yesterday on my car, which resulted in losing drive. I have to go get a spline tool to remove it today, and have priced a replacement Inner CV with TPS.... £163! (To put it into perspective I've just bought a run around Audi A4 for £180!) Did a quick search on here for the following part numbers that I have discovered are associated with this part 6N0498103A (possibly superseeded by?...) 6N0498103AX So my question is, is it possible to source one for cheaper? Or do I just bite the bullet and buy it? Has to be ordered too, so won't be until after
  6. Lupo Gti interior seats for sale. Looking for £200 ono Will post at buyers expense
  7. Right. So my GTI is draining its battery. The battery is fine (Holds charge and copes well with a discharge test). I also bought a brand new battery over spec'd for the car and that also keeps dying. I've done the usual checks, all earths and positive cables are fine, I've removed the fuses one by one to observe a change in drain (Albeit did change - but it stayed at about 2.88A) all to no avail. Then i removed all fuses (Including engine fuses) and it read 2.88A. The weird thing is, if i leave the car disconnected (Say over night) and check the drain in the morning, it's normal (between 0.1-
  8. So the dipped beam lights have always flickered. Finally decided to sort it and just wondered if anyone has any experience with the Xenons and the components that could likely be the cause. There's no pinkish tinge and also the lights shine brightly then get dimmer as time passes. They also get Brighter when indicating or breaking. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance, Matt
  9. Allyxx

    Gti sump

    Anyone know if a polo Gti sump will fit a lupo Gti if same engine code? Or is anyone selling a sump
  10. Hi people I'm Joe. I got my first lupo in February 2010 and was a flash red 1.0l (which you may have seen is up for sale). I wanted to start something fresh so I brought my self my second lupo, Soft blue, 1.4s, 62k on the clock tonnes of history with it and standard! I thought this would be a good start for me. I will get pictures up ASAP. I know all people are going to say is lows and slam it but I can't afford that ATM so saving up, and I got some G60s in refurbing to go on it. I intend to keep it clean, and how you enjoy to thread for the future. Joee
  11. Hello people, I have just bagged myself a bargain (mk2 golf gti 8v 1986) and my lupo gearbox has just blow its self to pieces I am thinking of getting a 1.8 20vt for the golf and taking the 1.8 gti engine out of the golf and into the lupo, was just wondering if any has ever done this? and if so how long was the process of doing it? i need the lupo back on road asap if not it will be a case of finding someone with a replacement gearbox
  12. I was wondering if other people have had people trying to buy their Lupo GTi in the street, so to speak. The first time, a couple of months ago, someone left a note on my windscreen with their number saying they want to buy my wolfie and just now, I popped to the local newsagent and as I got out the car, someone stopped me, told me how much they love them and asked if I wanted to sell it. When I told him it wasn't for sale, he said he would give me a great offer. I declined, obviously. Do any of you have this happen to you ? I put it down to the rarity of the little GTIs as I have only had thi
  13. Hi, I have a golf 1.4 16v 75bhp, (tried posting on golf forums but got no help at all) its an x reg, it has a polo 1.6gti throttlebody, injectors and inlet manifold.Also has an induction kit, uprated HT leads & a scorpion backbox (if that matters) At the minute the air/fuel mix is all to cock (i think)it wont rev past 2-3k with foot flat to floor, but it will gradually go past 3k if you gently press it then you can floor it and it will happily rev to the limiter. Also if you try to floor it at 2k revs it sort of misfires and sounds like its backfiring through the intake Does it just need a
  14. hi iv had a 1.0l lupo for a couple years and iv lowered it and fitted some wider wheels but i couldn't see the point in making it any faster. but i just bought a gti lupo about a month ago. its completly standard but will be getting kw coilovers and some wide wheels (not sure what yet) i want to modify the engine to get it a bit quicker and the first thing will be the exhaust system. so any ideas? iv been looking at the scorpion cat back system so if anyone has any reviews of them would be useful. cheers
  15. hi i have a vw lupo gti and im thinking about buying some 15 inch cades blast wheels but there 8j wide with only 20 offset. will they fit? thanks
  16. Hello all, to anyone who can help, my Gti is currently fitted with a decat mid section and has failed the emissions test on the MOT. I have a few solutions but I need help: 1. Anyone got an exhaust I can borrow for a day? Willing to travel and pay! 2. Get a custom mid section with CAT In place. 3. Cut the decat pipe and weld a CAT in place. 4. Try and acquire the rare find that is a "full exhaust" system with all the bits on. Any other suggestions would also be appreciated, Cheers
  17. Unfortunately some tit has smashed the casing off my OS wing mirror. looking on ebay they have very few lupo replacements that are pre-painted, most come primed. however they do have pre painted ones for a mk4 golf. someone told me that the mk4 golf mirror casing is identical to the OS lupo casing. can anyone confirm if this is true? Cheers!
  18. Hello, i'm a new member hailing from the south west of england, i currently have a Black Lupo Gti, powder coated purple BBS RM's, with grill trim and carbon fibre wrapped badges to match, JOM Coilovers, JL Audio tweeters, front and rear speakers, BMC Induction Kit and personalised number plate. I have big plans for this car so watch this space. Pics below: :thumb up:
  19. Hi, i recently fitted a lupo sport inlet manifold and throttle body to my 1.4s but ive had problems with the car such as rough idling. The car sounds as if its cammed when at idle. On occasion the car will also cut revs and wont rev at all, i do have engine codes and i have checked them, it says P0106 - MAP/Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem It also says fuel bank trim 1, i have replaced the map sensor but did not fix the problem. The car is fitted with a gti throttle body which has extra vacuum pipes that don't connect up to my engine. I was wondering if it was just a case
  20. Just bought myself a little 03 plate gti which I love! Having some intermittent problems with the lights. Somtimes when I turn the sidelights or headlights on, the passenger sidelights and rear lights do not come on. and sometimes i can switcht them off and on again, they come back on but then sometimes they dont!! have checked both fuses and they are fine. any common faults? I have also a problem with my indicators on the passenger side, where sometimes when the pull the indicator for the left hand turn signal, it will not work unless i pull it a little bit down (almost like the connection is
  21. I've got a GTI beam ready to be put on but I want to get new bearings but all I keep finding is the bearing + hub assembly I was going to go to simply bearing (or something of the kind) and find the equivalent but i was wondering if anyone on her could help me with source two bearings only. If not, anyone that has sized them up to get new ones Thanks Keelan
  22. There isn't much option to get my hands on a GTi 3rd brake light, other than the dealers, eh?
  23. Hi guys, I can't be the only one that thinks the current CL sticker is a bit boring and I'm not even sure if they are still being made? (mods correct me?) I've been running through a few ideas for a new one and this is what i've come up with so far although still a work in progress. Would anyone be interested in one or have any ideas for stickers? Not doing this to harm any stickers Nicki is still selling but I think there should be an option of something more interesting! Waiting on a friend to come back with the prices per unit/job lot and what colours are available but they can pretty muc
  24. Last weekend I drove around the Nordschleife for the first time with my Lupo The car drove very well with just a H&R Coilies. What was a really big dissapointment/problem, the brakes. Well this didn't came to me as a surprise but I was little surprised how quickly the brakes were gone After 4 km nothing happened anymore. Well because the idea is to drive more often on the Nordschleife and also other track days, I have been looking for a possible brake upgrades for the Lupo. I know about the G60 upgrade but I'm not 100% sold for this solution. Then I stumbeled upon Porsche/S2 brakes. I
  25. Hi all I bought the car a month or so ago now for my 18th Birthday in December. Used to run around in my little black 1.0 and wanted something a bit faster so that landed me with Paula. Car was completely standard when i bought it, since then i've fitted cambridge rear lights, a 90mm rear badge off a Sharan and LED replacement bulbs for the sidelights. I've also managed to get hold of a 3L steering wheel but havent got round to fitting that yet. With any luck she should be going in the workshop next week to get the front bumper recess filled and respayed. Luckily for me this is what the post
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