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    Lupo 1.4s, its slammed with alfa leather seats in the front i do have the rears but cant put them in as the base is too big.

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  1. ITEM DETAILS: Engine has covered 92000 miles as is in good condition, I have run the engine for about 6 months with no problems at all! when I first got the engine I done a oil and filter change, and I done one recently so oil is brand new and so is the oil filter as it hasn't even been drove since I done it. Engine runs perfectly! Gearbox, I don't know if it has been replaced in its life time or rebuilt ect. but it all drives perfectly! No whines, weird noises or anything!! PARTS INCLUDED IN THE SALE: Engine GTI AVY 1.6 Gearbox 5Speed GTI Box. ECU Siemens Interior Loom Engine Bay Loom 4 DriveShafts (2 spares) Fuel Pump GTI Clocks Key, Barrel And Transponder For The ECU Standard GTI Manifold. TWO PARTS NEEDED!! GTI PEDAL BOX AND POTENTIOMETER! Everything is spot on that I have for the conversion I need this gone asap! I can have it already when needed ready to be collected! I don't mind getting a courier for it all AT BUYERS COST! This is a perfect conversion and can be done quickly and Easily PRICE: £320 (negotiable) CASH ON COLLECTION Will take a buy it now for the right price NEED GONE ASAP SO GRAB YOURSELF A BARGIN!! Feel Free to contact me on the number 07786819243 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151712852934?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Hello sorry ive only just got back to you, I do have the engine for sale if your still interested? can do £350 then plus postage if you wont be collecting the engine.
  3. MikeP

    1.4tdi to pd130????

    Well obviously I want it too be driveable but I want it to be faster than it is, have you done anything with the TDI engines yourself? As in put a bigger turbo on, changed injectors, mapped ect?
  4. MikeP

    1.4tdi to pd130????

    I can deal with any amount of lag, price, and i can go anywhere for a map, I'm getting another engine in the next week or so, I'm going to put the turbo off of the there engine on to my engine for now, and play with the engine I'm getting, as I say I can deal with any amount of lag, and price, it can all be done when I have the money really, I'm not fussed about rushing it all, I'm happy to buy everything piece by piece and do it all and make sure everything is spot on
  5. MikeP

    1.4tdi to pd130????

    Any suggestions on what turbo to use?? Thank you all for advice much appreciated
  6. Hello, recently blown the turbo in my TDI and I need another one which I'm in the process of getting! Just wondering if anyone has ever done a pd130 in to a TDI? If anyone has any advice on doing the conversion would be amazing!! Just need a few questions answering!! ?
  7. Here for sale I have my gti engine conversion. 1.6 gti engine, Good runner! Good compression! NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!! Brilliant engine! It has covered just over 90000 miles! I need this gone ASAP! and I feel the price is more than fair (Bargain if you ask me!) PRICE- £400 (negotiable) Included in the sale will be: 1.6 GTI engine AVY Engine Code 1.6 GTI 5 Speed Gearbox GTI Fuel Pump GTI Siemens ECU Ignition barrel, transponder and key for the ecu. Interior Wiring Loom Engine Bay Wiring Loom 4x Driveshafts (2 spares) All Ancillaries (starter motor, Alernator, Power steering Pump, Air con Pump) I Can Provide GTI Clocks But The Millage Is Different To Engine Millage Feel Free To Contact me On The Number 07786819243.
  8. Hello, I have just finished putting a 1.6gti AVY engine in my 1.4 lupo from the polo gti, went too start it up the other day but fuel pump is not work everything is plugged in apart from lights checked all of the obvious stuff such as fuses going to get new relays this weekend hopefully but has anyone got any advice on what else too try if this fails? Is there anyway to bleed fuel through? What other parts could I try? If not I'll get a replacement fuel pump and hope that works
  9. Going to have to swap the pedal boxes over, and pretty much rewire the entire car, got the engine back in today the dog leg mount is twisted and need a new bolt haha, put the gti wheels on today and looks like I need to out some spacers on there haha going to get the rest of the wiring and all the clocks and stuff next Saturday hopefully then start to get it all wired in next week
  10. Got the engine out today with a few other bits, hoping to get it bolted in tomorrow! gonna have to take a deeper look at the polo gear linkage and see it if will go on to the loop with a little modification but a lot of things are possible haha, as for manifolds I'm going to opt for the ashley competition for the 1.4 sport as it means less exhaust to make haha, thinking about having a little side exit? And as for bonnets I really didn't think of that option haha, I'll defo look into a carbon fibre one, got a little theme going on with it now as I have the gti seats and belts, going to invest in some red heat wrap and get the wheels painted in a candy red or something similar haha, Thanks buddy!!
  11. Hello i have finally decided to go out and buy a doner car as i got a little aggy with keep going through gearboxes haha, pretty much hoping this will be a straight forward remove engine and put the new one in, The lupo is a 1999 1.4s (75bhp) doner car is a Polo gti 2001, it's a cat b write off rear end shunt, apart from that everything is immaculate, all wheels interior, engine/box, got it at a bargain aswell as i know what the engines go for! Plan for it is to get everything off of the polo and either on to the lupo or sold. To do list: refit gti engine, box and wiring gti brakes all round ashley 4-1 decat manifold for the 1.4 sport swap all interior either make a custom center exit or side exit exhaust source some lupo gti light weight wings/door (bonnet if they have a light weight ones??) 8/8.5mm HT leads Cams Poly bush everything Strut Braces Induction Kit Cold air feeds to front brakes Yellow headlights and indicators Hoping it comes out well, and in the future either a turbo, supercharger or throttle bodies. Have a few questions also, 1) Best set of cams? 2) Best option out of the turbo, supercharger or throttle bodies? 3) Best manifolds? Ashley for the 1.4 sport? 4) Lupo GTI light weight bonnet?
  12. Hello people, I have just bagged myself a bargain (mk2 golf gti 8v 1986) and my lupo gearbox has just blow its self to pieces I am thinking of getting a 1.8 20vt for the golf and taking the 1.8 gti engine out of the golf and into the lupo, was just wondering if any has ever done this? and if so how long was the process of doing it? i need the lupo back on road asap if not it will be a case of finding someone with a replacement gearbox
  13. i was describing the red one mate that yellow one is ****ing cool!!
  14. saw some absolute rude lupos last night! just wondering if anyone with one was there? saw a cannonball gt there yellow and supercharged? also what looked sort of candy red, audi S3 seats, small steering wheel, air ride? there was a few more but these are the ones that were cool, also does anyone know what engine is in the cannonball gt lupo? got my lupo and want to charge it.
  15. Went out in my lupo for a drive earlier as i had nothing to do, drove for about 20 minutes tops and the temperature had increased to over 110 degrees so i nursed it home, checked the expansion tank for the coolant and it was on the maximum line, opened the expansion tank to check that there was compression which there was, felt the two hoses going to the thermostat to see if they was both hot or not but it was only the top one which was hot and the bottom hose was cold, anyone have any clue what it could be and is this a common fault? Its the 1.4s (not the sport)
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