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Found 21 results

  1. Make: VW Model: Lupo Sport Tdi MOT: Ran out Nov 2018 Engine size: 1.4 Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: So this car is a do up project, currently SORNed and out of MOT. Exhaust needs sorting, currently has no back box on it due to it falling off. Age related rust issues. Electric windows are temperamental but I've been told it's an easy sort for someone who knows what they are doing. They work when you long press the key but not using the button inside the car. The bonnet catch has been taken off but bonnet still accessible just need to pull
  2. Anyone looking to sell a fantasia green lupo 1.4 16v?
  3. So I’ve been a member on here for a few months now, never really posted much. I bought the Lupo for £450, had a few mechanical problems, I broke the gearbox when I first started driving so had my dad sort that. I wasn’t really going to do much to the car as I didn’t really think I’d keep if for a long time. Slowly started adding stickers to the back and thought that’s all that I’d do as I didn’t think it was worth spending much on a £450 car. Here he is today, haven’t finished with him at all. I bought a few things and before I knew it he’s completely different to how he was when I first bough
  4. Selling my fantasia green Lupo, Alpie. Located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Great 1.4 Auto drives well with 6 months MOT no advisories. paint work is a little rough around the edges but no rust. remote central locking and alarm installed and fully working. Interior is in good condition. Electric windows. The switch for the passenger window on the drivers side only brings the window up but not down but switch works perfectly fine on the passengers side. wing mirrors don't adjust from inside. Car is a great little runaround and will be sad to see it go.
  5. Okay so tonight I put my deposit down on this sweet little green 1.4 Lupo Sport, 84k on the clock, a few scratches but rad for a first car. For a first car, yes being 20 and only just getting his first car, laugh it up! I have a good few plans for her, first being cleaned and cleaned again, then slammed....as you do.... Already have done a mock up of what i want the dash to look like.... hope to chat soon! Alex
  6. To whoever owns the fantasia green lupo in my street, hi and welcome to the club .
  7. Hello everybody, I am from Slovenia and excuse my english... So I'm quite new to this forum (two months or less). I got my Arosa 1.0 1997 two months ago and it was my grandmas. She drives a Clio and I got Arosa. It is 17 years old but engine is in very good condition. Grandma did only about 46000 miles. It needed some love and so it started. This week it is in shop for some bodywork (front and back bumper, some rust repair and pro machine polish) Right side Left side Front bumper Week before I took off all badges and side bump strips Side strip I bought some new tyres (PETLAS VELOX SPORT
  8. Hello all, I've started a project thread here as can't post in the 'Project Builds' bit at the moment. Anyway, the car is a project for Fast Car Magazine. We wanted to build an affordable, easy to modify and cheap to insure car so we decided on a 1.0 Lupo. So far it's in a stardard state, here's how it looks:
  9. This was my Lupo on the day we got it next to mattarosa's arosa came with rubberised floor mats, boot liner, genuine tape player... Eventually I would like the genuine CD player Having a wash... More pictures... There are a few things that need doing... - Clocks - Heater resistor - Air vent - Oil pressure sensor - Oil change and filter - Need a new Cambridge rear light (as you may be able to tell from the picture... ) - New tyre - Service - EGR valve clean -Odometer correction A before and after of the air vent... (mattarosa's DIY cardboard fix ) Much better Now the heater resistor.
  10. Spotted a lovely looking, bright green Lupo this morning going the other way to me. It had probably come off the M25 and was heading to Cockfosters Was it you ?
  11. I just brought my first vw (a round of applause isn't necessary) and for now I've got about £600 to spend on it. It's a 1.4 1999 lupo s, I'm not 100% sure what the colour is called but I've heard it's fuchsia green? (Looks abit like kermit the frog). Other than fitting my stereo and sub it's completely stock! However some previous owner has kept the alloys and left me with steelies and hubcaps. So I need to know what is worth doing to kermit and what I should avoid. What kind of alloys should I get? Debadge or rebadge? Stickers no stickers? Lower? I welcome any suggestions! Cheers in advance.
  12. Hey guys! Just bought my first car, wondering if anyone has any pictures of their customised lupo, in darkish green? Also if anyone has tinted windows would like to see if that looks good! Happy to see any other colours aswell! What ever you think i should do. Thanks
  13. Hi there guys, This has been long overdue by me really! Been a proud Lupo owner for just over a year now and have been currently browsing the forums since before i had my car haha just never got round to making an account. Anyways, here is my Lupo! Bought the car late last year for £850 it had covered around 54000 miles and had five owners! and it was in a pretty bad way to be fair but it was good enough to be my first car! The bodywork was not the best, interior was nasty all the seats and drivers footwell were covered in fag burns, head lining had some strange blood/rust looking stain and th
  14. Hey from the north east Just bought my self a green vw lupo 1.4 16v Had a few little problems but noting hard to sort will keep you guys updated and get some pictures on here!!!
  15. green slammed yellow headlights (works near lincoln audi damons) i see you every so often if im late for work but my mate who works at simons said hes seen you and sounded good too im in a yellow lupo with black wheels and lowered 40-50mm
  16. Hello to all! My name's Hanna, and I've recently bought a 1.4 16V Fresco Green Lupo - 52 plate, with 32k on the clock. It's my second car, and considering I used to own a snail (Ford Ka) before this, I'm finding it pretty nippy! So here it is. It's completely standard at the moment, but hopefully not for long as I now have these. I'm hoping to get these sprayed in red, bumpers smoothed and the car resprayed. Open to tips and advice
  17. saw a seriously low fantasia green lupo coming out of mill lane in birkenshaw today. i was the guy admiring it in the pink tshirt, shorts and backpack. was it anyones on here?
  18. Hello. Owned my Lupo for nearly a month now, gone from driving a Volvo V70 (beast) to Vincent, my little Lupo. I have to say, it's fun being able to take corners at speed again Few wear and tear marks, but generally looking alright! My brother testing the suspension
  19. Hey guys thought I'd make one of these as planning on doing afew bits to it so will keep you informed, I've got it looking ok so far but there's always something to do,
  20. Hi fellow lupo lovers, my name is Holly and i'm the new proud owner of a fantasia green loop in Dorset!! Bought it in june and thought i'd come on here and introduce myself as passed my driving test yesterday!! yaaaay. FREEDOM. My little green machine is in good condition for its age (1999) and roars away through the streets. Only thing i wonder about it though, that i thought you guys could ease my mind about is: - the gas pedel kinda flutters under my foot. i feel it sort of tapping against my shoe. - the clutch is sooooooooooooooo stiff, it takes some serious leg muscle action to push it do
  21. looking to get some deepdish for my lupo hopfully 15" just go the car go a few bumbs and that that need sorting but would love some new alloys for it as mine currently SUCK
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