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  1. Another Lilly Lupo, nooooo! haha. Tidy looking Lupo
  2. Wheels are going Safari Beige! Will hopefully get some money in, coilovers first then sort the wheels out
  3. Well what I've been thinking is giving the SE wheels a refurbe, and painting the Teledials. Will have a nice choice then! haha
  4. So after seeing this beauty... I'm now thinking of painting the wheels a shade of beige...opinions? Update also, the rust is being sorted soon!
  5. What would I have to get done to it? And how much will it cost? Any ideas?
  6. I know about the bag and extras etc - it's just the car didn't come with any. Will look into getting some
  7. A Lupo 1.4s was cheaper for me to insure than a 1L Polo, cheap as chips! Plus I was pleasantly surprised with the fuel
  8. Unfortunately, I didn't get any paper work with the car - other than the past MOT certificates, registration documents etc :/
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