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  1. Just wondering how to go about fitting this backbox and short link pipe. The short link pipe from the back-box runs longer than where the U-clamp that holds the two bits together.for the backbox. Would i have to cut the stock pipe? Everything matched perfectly apart from that. on the photo of the underside of the car. that isn’t mine but has the same exhaust set up and there is a line to show where it goes up to.
  2. Gentlemen, do you know any exhaust tips for Seat Aros? E.g. bolted to the muffler or other
  3. Hi guys, Replaced the exhaust on my Lupo GTi a couple years ago now and the standard exhaust has just be sat in the garage since. Having a clear out, and wondered if anyone would be interested in taking it off my hands and what kinda price they go for? Having been imported from Japan, there isn't much in the way of corrosion from what I recall. Covered about 80-85k KM before it was removed. It is the full exhaust from the cat, but was cut in half when removed, so would need fabricating back together. If anyone is interested, I'll dig it out the garage and get some taken. Collection only from WS15 area, cash on collection. Any other questions, let me know.
  4. Anyone ever straight piped an SDI? I've heard the backbox can be restrictive on it, would removing it free up some more mpg? My main concern is noise, my downpipe has rusted away and separated, its extremely loud. If I put a straight through from manifold all the way to the rear would it still be extremely loud because it's NA? My 1.9tdi isn't that loud straight piped, but that's probably because it's turbo'd. i know someone will have done it.. cheers
  5. Hi Guys, Im having an issue with a 1999 lupo ive just purchased. Whenever the rpm's hit 2k it makes a strange exhaust blowing and vibrating sound and stops thereafter, I think it might be a exhaust silencer or resonator issue but im just wondering if anyone has any experience with these sorts of issues specifically? I can get a video if that would help.
  6. Anyone got suggestions for a good rear back box that would sound good on a 1.2 Fox? Thinking maybe a cherrybomb but keen to hear what other people have done. Cheers 🤙🏼
  7. Hi, Recently purchased a Lupo GTI and i'm now in the process of tidying it up. One thing I wanted to tidy up was the twin pipes by possibly polishing them up. Has anyone ever done it or is it even worth doing? Also, The exhaust tips seem to be a little off centre. Can anyone tell me why that is? is it an easy fix? Cheers, Tom
  8. I've just purchased a Lupo Sport 1.4 and I'm looking to do a back box delete, and hopefully add a race tube in the near future. Ideally, a sportex system is in my price range and I like the sound of those, however I don't know which ones will fit my SPORT model? Also if anyone has any links to a race tube or mid pipe for it please link! Cheers
  9. My lupo has sounded rough for a while. Last night the check engine light came on. Today I had someone hook up a diagnostics unit and he said it was the exhaust manifold, probably due to the cars age (54 plate.) So how bad is this, how easy is it to fix, do I need a new manifold and will this damage the engine. Also I posted previously that the car burrs as I slow down after I press the clutch. It seems to be doing it more, could these issues be related. The car seems to vibrate more as well. Tia.
  10. Looking at getting a scorpion exhaust. Has anyone got one & how would you rate it? not sure wether or not to get just the back box and run it straight through to the cat or get the scorpion exhaust with the middle silencer included.. need opinions!
  11. Looking for a standard catalytic converter for a Lupo GTI AVY engine that someone has knocking about following an upgrade Will even consider one in need of repair if the flexi pipe has failed. Thanks
  12. Looking at getting a scorpion back box for my Lupo sport. I've heard they can be a bit quiet so i was thinking if i took out the middle silencer and put a straight through pipe to the back box would it be noticeably louder?
  13. Currently looking at getting an exhaust for my lupo sport 16v. would a middle silence delete (straight through centre pipe) to a scorpion back box sound any good?
  14. This will cause some debate I'm sure! I'm in the market for a stainless cat-back exhaust, however the only readily available one seems to be Scorpion which has the oval center pipe. However, I think the car looks much nicer with twin center pipes so this one really isn't on the cards. I've emailed Janspeed and they said they still sell one for the Lupo GTi, but seems like it'll have to be manufactured as a one off because they gave a 4 week lead time, they quoted £425 inc VAT and postage (plus fitting of about £40 at a garage). On the other hand, there is a custom exhaust place near where I am that would do the cat-back system for £400 all in, and this is much more customizable. Just looking for opinions really, see if anyone has a custom system or a Janspeed system and what they think of each! Any opinions are appreciated!
  15. Hi! I want to get a custom exhaust made for my 1.4 tdi. Want something different like an up and out pipe. Just wondering if anyone could fabricate me one for a good price, something that'll replace the back box would be great, with all the mounts added, (Something like the picture added) Thsnks!
  16. Hi all new here and looking for advice with my 2003 gti - I keep getting black specs up the back of my car it's had a bottom end rebuild 10k ago so I doubt it's the piston rings, it's fitted with a scorpion power flow cat back the black specks seem to be carbon out the exhaust and accumulate over a couple of days after washing the car - anyone on here experienced this at all ? Any advice appreciated - thanks
  17. Lupo gti scorpion back box with straight through mid section Pops and bangs even with the cat still in Very good noise not annoying £225
  18. got a few cracks in my exhaust looking to buy a stainless one or maybe just a back box?
  19. Hi, just wondering if the lupo sport rear bumper would fit straight on my 1.0e and would the centre exit exhaust fit too? And if anyone had done this please give me some tips and if its any louder, cheers!
  20. In need of an entire exhaust system. Willing to pay extra for postage. Drop me a PM, or a text message: 07784324662. Thanks, Myles.
  21. TeeJay

    Downpipe Decat

    Been quoted £260 for just a downpipe Decat, is that what price I'd be looking at for one? seems way to high as you can buy standard ones for £80 Can't just buy one off the shelf
  22. Hi everyone I'm currently driving a 1.4 sport it came with a scorpion centre exhaust but I want something that's hidden under the bumper just wondered if there is any other good exhaust systems thanks for your time.
  23. I have a 1.0 VW lupo and have bought a sportex exhaust but it won't fit because of the bend in the original exhaust around the axel, do I need an attachment pipe and where could I get one????
  24. Custom cobra sport Lupo GTi stainless exhaust. This will replace your existing centre silencer and back box. (Cat back). Good condition fits really well on the car. 3" exit pipes, fits directly onto Lupo oem system. Removed from car to fit Oem exhaust back on. Collection from Torquay/Exeter only unless you arrange your own courier. Offers accepted. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262168987275?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  25. Taken off a 2002 GTI. No faults, holes, etc. Selling as I fitted a custom stainless system for a bit more volume. All good, just some surface oxidisation. Collect from Bracknell, Berkshire RG12. £50 takes it!
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