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  1. BradLupo

    Sportex exhaust

    Same diameter, would there be a problem cutting the original back box tube they using a horse shoe clamp with the new jack box? And do you know if I can sit an exhaust under the bumper of a 1.0 or will I need a new back bumper or cut mine?? Thanks a lot
  2. BradLupo

    Sportex exhaust

    I have a 1.0 VW lupo and have bought a sportex exhaust but it won't fit because of the bend in the original exhaust around the axel, do I need an attachment pipe and where could I get one????
  3. BradLupo

    Cheap Mods for 1.0 Lupo

    Got myself a black VW Lupo 1.0L in black as a first car and looking for some cheap mods as I am on a budget but want the car to look and possibly perform better?

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