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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if any of you have put different dash buttons/switches into your VW Lupo's, and if so which ones actually fit. I've seen some people suggest that a VW Golf (Mk4) has the same dash, and therefore button dimensions as a Lupo; I was wondering if this was true. Atop of this, what other vehicles - if any - share the same dash switch dimensions as the VW Lupo. Many Thanks
  2. Does anyone know how to dismantle the center vent as I am wanting to separate the grey plastic and fins from the rest
  3. Hi, I'm looking at lupos at the moment, was just hoping someone could clarify if this is normal for the rev dials: Not sure if you can see, but the rev counter isn't actually on zero, its above zero but slightly below ten. I've seen several lupos with this, and just hoping someone can tell me if it's normal or something to walk away from. Thankyou!
  4. Hi, just seeing if anyone has a Vagcom I could use in surrey area. Need to switch off the airbag light and get some fault codes to fix my dash! Any help will be appreciated! Im near Thorpe Park theme park. Thanks, Aaron
  5. Hi, can anyone link me to a guide / diagram of how to remove the dash? The link in this thread seems to be dead - http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/53868-dash-removal/ http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=118
  6. I have just purchased my first lupo, but the stereo (single din) doesn't work and the cup holders are broken, as well as the air vents. I have therefore come to the conclusion that a nice shiny touch screen double din unit would be lovely instead. Browsing the interweb I have found a great unit for a reasonable price that has come off a Lupo GTI.It includes the whole middle section of the dahboard (including the air vents) and has the high up hazard button. Unfortunately as my Lupo is 1999 T reg it has the different styled early dash with the hazard button down the bottom. Would this later dash still fit my Lupo, if I rewired in a later hazard button to the triangle or plugged it somehow? cheers Jordan
  7. I needed to take this piece out as my centre vents had come loose from the arm that allows them to move in unity. I found a simple how to on taking this out and thought that was that, however this how to was for a Lupo and for this there is only a need to remove 3 screws located in the the double din hole left when removing your head-unit/storage bit. So I revealed this hole and removed the screws but the piece wouldn't budge. Upon further internet research l found people saying the piece needs a bit of gentle persuasion to move so I started yanking at this piece trying to gentle persuade it to move but to prevail did this work. Anyway it turns out that under the bit that seems like a screen should pop out of it, above the vents, there are 4 more screws and when you have them undone it should just slide out. Just thought I'd share the knowledge as I couldn't find it anywhere. Sorry that the thread has no pictures but its a pretty straight forward task and I only thought of doing this once I'd put it back together. Hope this helps. Gareth
  8. Afternoon everyone, I've just bought a Seat Arosa Mk1 and was wondering if the mileage and time should still be displayed, even without the key in the ignition. I assume something is wrong here but instead of taking it straight to a garage, thought I'd ask here first. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Hi all. First post. Just bought a Raven Blue 2002 Lupo GTi with leather and aircon. Very happy with it. Just trying to sort a few niggles and one is the cowling around the instrument cluster is a bit loose. It knocks when going over bumps etc. Is this something anyone has seen? I was just going to find some rubber strip to wedge in or something like that, but was wondering what others had done. Cheers.
  10. Hi Folks, The 'headlights on' warning light on the dash of my wife's GTi has decided to go on strike. Has anybody on here replaced this particular warning light and if so, how? I expect it's probably going to be either a nightmare job or a dealer one but I live in hope Hope somebody out there can help.
  11. Complete lupo dash, clocks, black under-dash plastics, centre console, heater control unit, light switch, coin tray etc. out of a 2001 1.0 Everything works. Does not include airbag. £50 the lot Located in Cannock, Staffs Pick up only I reckon, as postage on this lot would be about £30 I reckon - the dash is really heavy I'll even throw in a spare coin tray! Rich
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