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  1. MK3 Polo - My location is in Cannock, Staffs Treblet - yup- a bargain but need it out of the way as need garage space for new project
  2. Complete lupo dash, clocks, black under-dash plastics, centre console, heater control unit, light switch, coin tray etc. out of a 2001 1.0 Everything works. Does not include airbag. £50 the lot Located in Cannock, Staffs Pick up only I reckon, as postage on this lot would be about £30 I reckon - the dash is really heavy I'll even throw in a spare coin tray! Rich
  3. No turbo... they didn't do a 1.7 turbo. Car drives bang on, no pulling or tramlining. I only noticed it had knocked the corners off the tyres when i looked round it before doing the advert. Just needs the tracking setting. I replaced a lower balljoint in february so its probably due to that. I'll put some more photos on tomorrow.
  4. Make:SEAT Model:AROSA MOT:Feb 2012 TAX:COtober 2011 Engine size:1.7 Fuel type:Diesel 1998 R plate 108k, no history but I've had the cambelt, new clutch, glow plugs and a new calcium battery in the last 6k miles or so. Comes with central locking and a £350 (in 2003!) pioneer MP3 stereo that controls and ipod - still quite a sort after model though DEH P77-MP which still fetch about £80 on ebay. Good little runabout. Tatty, with a quite a few small scrapes, dents and scratches and the interior isn't mint - although not bad really. I've used it as a cheap car for getting to work as I do a lot of site visits. Need to carry ladders now so just bought a cheap skoda fab estate. Does loads to the gallon (55ish) Only faults I know of are weeping gearbox (top it up every now and again - I'll throw in some oil) and the tracking could do with setting up as its starting to knock the inner corners of the fronts (conti eco-contacts about 5k old). Runs really well - always starts on the button. Also has a stainless steel exhaust (on it when I got it - at 40 I'm a bit old to be a boy racer!). Large ish chip in fromt windscreen (passed MOT with it though) - rear bumper cracked and scracthed when someone reversed into it on a car park. Location: Cannock, Junction 11 M6 Price: £550
  5. Cheers for the reply, I actually got through to them today - apparently they had 3 members of staff off last week - although they are in kent... Rich
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has heard if Volksapart - part of Volkswagenspares.com has gone under?? I've been trying to get in touch with them all week as they were going to recon my gearbox for me. Spoke to a guy there last week and he was very helpful, but then have tried to contact them this week to arrange collection of my box and....nothing. Phoned them 5 or 6 times a day on 3 different numbers I've got - left answer phone messages and tried to contact them via the web... Anybody heard anything? - and can anybody recomend an alternative gearbox specialist?? Cheers Rich
  7. Cheers mate, just ordered a pair for the princely sum of £4.45 - bargain! Rich
  8. Oooh, which mk golf were they from Rattic?
  9. Okie doke, looks like a trip to the dealer then, Cheers Rich
  10. Hi guys, Does anyone know if the window winder handles on a Lupo are the same as on any other Vdub? Lupo's are quite rare in scrapyards, but golfs / Polos are all over the place. Cheers Rich
  11. Richiep

    Dash Swap

    Hi, I was wondering if a Lupo dash will go into a Mk1 Arosa? I've pulled a complete dash out of a lupo and have hooked the clocks up for a test and they work... I was wondering about the heater box and fan and if that all lines up with the heater vents on the lupo dash etc. Also, I undid all of th 8 bolts in the scuttle behind the wiper motor to remove the dash, but I can;t for the life of me find anything on the Lupo dash that they bolted to - have I left a frame or something back at the scrap yard?? Cheers for looking Rich
  12. Hi mate, I'm interested in the whole interior, with the carpets if in good nick - how much? Cheers Rich
  13. Richiep

    Hi All

    Hi there, Just got myself an Arosa 1.7 SDI at the weekend and have been looking on the internet for some info and came across this site. I'd just like to say how informative and well run it is! I've already found lots of useful info Cheers Guys and Gals Rich
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