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Found 22 results

  1. hi there in order to change the xenon bulb on a Lupo GTI does the bumper have to come off? or is possible without removing it -thanks
  2. Hi all my first post ! I am after a rear bumper for my lovely silver lupo tdi sport…preferably in silver and excellent condition will consider other colours though if no damage ! Many thanks i'm on south coast at bournemouth
  3. Hi all, is anyone selling a metallic green rear bumper in excellent condition in the Liverpool area? Cheers, Luke
  4. Hello. As per description. Does anyone have one kicking around? I can arrange collection. Thanks Jo
  5. Anyone breaking a Mk1 Arosa Sport or have a lower fog light valance/bumper? Has anyone seen these online? Looking for one for my Mk1.
  6. Anyone breaking a Mk1 Arosa Sport or have a lower fog light valance/bumper? Has anyone seen these online? Looking for one for my Mk1.
  7. Looking for a physically good condition indicator panel paint coloud or condition not a factor. Posted to TQ14 9LT Or colection possible
  8. I had a little bump at about 5mph the other day, and now the front bumper on the passenger side has been pushed out abit nothing major just about 5-10 mm and the plastic trim that holds the indicators on the front has been pushed out I think. So basically does anyone know how to fix this with out taking it to the body shop?
  9. Hi guys, i have recently bought a vw lupo and want to do it up so it looks nice, so far i have lowered it with a 40mm drop and was just wondereing if anybody knows where i can get a centre exit bumper, i want the exhaust coming out the centre but want to try and avoid cutting the original bumper, i would also like to know if anybody knows of where i can get any schmidt th line alloys for cheap
  10. front fog light setup with bumper and lower grilles for lupo wanted
  11. Lupo front bumper for sale. Few scuffs, ideal for smoothing or colour coding. Text me on 07935056061 for more info. £50 posted
  12. Tried to remove the lower valance to gain access to the fog lights. Initially I thought that I can do it by removing the bolts near the fogs and the arch liner, but nothing happened. Do I have to pull harder to split the valance from the bumper, or what's the idea?
  13. Alright guys, I've done some searching and couldn't really come up with anything useful. Tomorrow i'm going to attempt to fit a new bumper to the car and I have no clue on how to remove the current one that is on the car, I'm going in blind. I would appreciate any tips / information on how to tackle it, where to start and where the screws and clips are located etc... I apologise if there is a blindingly obvious thread for this already Thanks
  14. I'm thinking of fitting front fogs to my Mk1 'rosa and i've been looking through ETKA and it seems like the front bumper lower section part number is the same for both the Arosa Mk1 and the lupo, can anybody confirm that the lupo section with fogs would fit on a Mk1 bumper?
  15. Hi, I'm new here but have had my Lupo for over a year now. I have many Ideas but little funds at the moment but was interested in changing the front end out I've seen a few different things around some as ridiculous as the A3 aftermarket part I was looking at the 3L front end as i like the lights and grille but i prefere the bottom to the GTi. Does anyone know if the two combine together straight of they need some work to get them to fit to each other and then to my 99' 1.7 SDi Also any ideas on part prices that have been heard to pay before of any best places to source parts. (I know Ebay is good)
  16. is it be possible to swap the vw lupo lower bumper for the seat one, just wondered because the seat arosa one looks sick with the vents and the lip!
  17. at the moment im driving a 1.4s 75bhp and thing of the future (2-3 years) im thing about getting a lupo GTI 125bhp but what puts me of is i dont like the lupo gti front bumper, is there any way you can fit the lupo sport bumper or any basic body kits you can get to change it. if not ill have to think about an engine change but i dunno if i could be bothered with all that work lol and this is just my personal opinion and i do like what some of you have done with your GTI's but its just not for me.
  18. new to this forum stuff but need some help.. in need of a smooth front bumper anyone got one or know of anyone with one for sale can you let me know, thanks
  19. I am after a splitter/lower bumper with the fogs, or even just with the wholes ready for the fogs, anyone selling one or know were to get one? Thanks
  20. I am after a lupo front fog splitter/lower bumper, if anyone has one for sale or knows were i can get one your help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi, drove the motor into the back of a removal truck the other day and as you might expect, they're pretty solid I need: bonnet, both wings, bumper, grill, both headlights and indicators, slam panel and a radiator If anyone has any of these parts, preferably in flash red (but will consider others as a good price), then I will be very interested! Thanks, Daniel.
  22. Need drivers wing, bonnet, bumper, indicator panel, front panel with radiator and lights Ideally in red but open to offers, Let me know if you can help :-) 079122 02287
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