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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone. I am looking to improve the braking efficiency on my Lupo 3L. I understand its not a car that was officially sold in the UK, but I thought you might have some suggested. The Lupo 3L officially weighs 803 Kg. That's about 172 Kg less than the Lupo GTI. My question is: Do any of the brake bits from other VW with bigger brakes bolt onto the Lupo 3L. I have sourced stiffer, shorter springs and Vesa from Tuneko Ltd in Finland is re-mapping my ECU. Any guidance would be welcomed. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have a link or photos of an early 3L tailgate with an OEM Lupo GTI spoiler or other OEM VAG / Votex spoiler installed? I realize all the previously mentioned options will needed to modified to fit properly. As I am sure you are aware, the Lupo GTI spoiler would need to be extended at the tips of each side to meet up with the edge of the extended (upper area) of the early 3L gate . I am just curious if the Lupo GTI spoiler will fit somewhat properly other than the previously mentioned needed mod. Any help with this detail would be appreciated. The 3rd brake light hole
  3. Does anyone have a 3l front bumper for sale?
  4. Hello guys! I bought 3l lupo 1999., gearbox converted to manual. One day my clutch startet to press realy hard. I took of gearbox, everything looked ok. Changed pressure plate, disc. Put all back together and clutch is still so hard it brakes cluch cable. Please help, I have no other ideas, what could be wrong. Thanks.
  5. Hi All I currently have a Lupo project (standard 1.0 shell) on the go and have the opportunity to purchase a 3L front aluminium subframe/hubs/shocks as well as the rear beam/hubs. Question is can these be bolted straight to a standard shell without modifications? I'm aware the 3L shell is the same as the GTI. Has anyone had experience of doing this conversion? Cheers
  6. Hello guys! I am new here but found the forum on google and seems really helpful since it's in english and all the others are in languages I can't speak. So here is the thing, I've brought a Lupo 3L from 2002 with 145k KM! It's in good shape, still has the automatic gear working OK but I've found some small problems or maybe it's just the way it is. First off, many times when i try to turn the car on, it powers up and 3 seconds later it goes off. Sometimes I have to repeat this 4 and 5 times to turn it on. Battery is good, I've tested (612 mah of the 650mah). Worse is that sometim
  7. Hi All, as it is polite to introduce oneself on a forum here is my intro: I'm Melvin, from Zwolle in The Netherlands and I drive a 07-1999 3L with the 1.2TDi 3-cylinder engine. The car has been in my possession since june 2010 and had 137.000 km on the odometer when I bought it. It has not been tampered with, the mileage is confirmed by an official VW Werkstatt. Today it reads 275.879 km. When I got it it was bogstock and has been changed gradually through time to what is is today, but because I have a new upgrade coming I am looking for the blue GTi (?) owner with the red Scirocco seats as I
  8. Hello, I need some suggestions for an uprated clutch, the car now develops 123hp and 240Nm with further power increases in mind. I'm open to any swaps from other cars, even if I have to machine the flywheel but I don't want to machine to much the gearbox housing. And from what car does the hydraulic clutch actuator fits? The cable one has a long travel and is very hard to press in combination with this gearbox. Thanks a bunch!
  9. I would like to introduce myself as a new member. i think like many others, i have used forums for reference only and this is the first one i have registered for. I am a proud owner of a lupo 3L 1.2tdi and i hope to be able to share knowledge of this unusual gem of a car.
  10. Anyone know to a lupo 3L thats breaking? or sat still long enough to borrow the gearbox ecu? My cars been at a garage for months now and I need to rule out the ecu as the problem so i can move forward. I've paid for one from germany but it's never showed and now appears to be back up for sale on eBay. I've now got to go through ebay disputes to get my money back or part sent, which will take time and it may not even be the problem. So If I can find a part here it would be a lot easier. I'm in the west midlands. I can obviously pay, pick up, whatever Cheers for any help Graham
  11. I was hoping someone may be able to give me advice on the most cost effective way of using some sort of vcds / vag.com software and interface for doing basic hydraulic settings and error code checks/ clearing for the lupo 3l 1.2tdi. I recently completed some essential maintenance on the hydraulic system; accumulator, gear actuator gasket and pipe seals. I understand that after this type of work a basic setting should be done. the hydraulic system appears to work fine with 6 changes before pump kicks back in (only 3 before accumulator changed) and no unwanted noise when changing gear, however I
  12. Anybody know to any Lupo 3L's in the Midlands area? I saw a black one locally but don't know who they are, and could do with some help. Cheers G
  13. Hi, I'm new here but have had my Lupo for over a year now. I have many Ideas but little funds at the moment but was interested in changing the front end out I've seen a few different things around some as ridiculous as the A3 aftermarket part I was looking at the 3L front end as i like the lights and grille but i prefere the bottom to the GTi. Does anyone know if the two combine together straight of they need some work to get them to fit to each other and then to my 99' 1.7 SDi Also any ideas on part prices that have been heard to pay before of any best places to source parts. (I know Ebay is
  14. Looking for a cv joint for a 1.2 tdi 3L, new or used if anyone knows to a breaker? Have got one on order from dealer but up to 10 days. Graham
  15. this is my second lupo and im only 16 atm bumpers de rubstripped coils waiting on lowering springs for rear to go lower than coils -__- need to pick my bottom splitter up from mates waiting to fit pop outs to it too gonna clean the coilovers up fit some seats get some more pics lamin-x my headlights and indicators fit cambridge lights shark fin ariel new back box colour code door handles and roof rails + door strips chop my wings so the bumper fits get some tyres for my wheels done for september at edition
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