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  1. Company car forces sale of this very economical Lupo 1.4 TDI Sport. Hi spec for a little car, electric windows, central locking , spot lights, alarm immobilizer, dash tidy / cup holder, factory alloys, mud flaps. 64mpg and £30 tax. Has adjustable coilover suspension fitted. The lupos got service history stamped up to 65000, I've had it since 2011 and have serviced it every year, cam kit and water pump fitted at 90000, new discs and pads at 100k, cam position sensor at 100k, clutch kit fitted a year ago at approx 104k, exhaust back box and anti roll bar drop links at 110k, EGR was cleaned out recently and it's just been serviced. Few small age related dings and chips but other than that quite quite clean and tidy. Mileage is just over 112000 but car is in use so this will increase. mot till 4/2015 Car is in Birmingham £2400 ono
  2. Front hub, not sure which models lupo it fits as it was supplied incorrectly. I know it doesn't fit a tdi sport. Straight with good bearing, has abs mounting point and caliper bolt holes appear to be m7 threaded? £20 Birmingham
  3. Yeah the fuel pump primes, so the lift pumps working.
  4. ECU has come back with no faults, timing checked, cam sensor and wiring replaced.. still slow to start. Any Ideas?
  5. They tried 2 sensors and replaced the wiring, I've sent the ecu to atp electronics to be tested - i'll find the results today. Anyone know to a tdi ecu if it needs one??? Thanks for the repies by the way. G
  6. My 1.4 TDi was running and starting fine, then next minute wouldn't start. Luckily I was at a garage, they pulled up faulty cam position sensor so replaced it.. now it comes up with P0341-00-00 implausible signal. They double checked it, checked the timing and the wiring, it does start now but not well and still comes up with the fault. The only things out of the ordinary that day was I started it up when it had been left in reverse gear and rather than just lurching there was a hell of a bang! but it started and ran fine after. Then I jet washed the car and engine, with it running and it was fine till later on that day. They suggest checking the ecu, any ideas? Cheers G
  7. The car was towed into a vw garage so they've done the work and testing to date, but it's been in there about 4 months so patience is wearing thin. Did you not find out what caused the selector to break? I sent the actuator to Sherif Topal and had a reconditioned one, but it's not made any difference.
  8. Anybody know to any Lupo 3L's in the Midlands area? I saw a black one locally but don't know who they are, and could do with some help. Cheers G
  9. shift finger was snapped. Whilst doing the basic setting error 12 comes up
  10. that would be another option, but i don't know to any other 3l's in the midlands. If you know to any please let me know, I did see a black 3L locally but I don't know who they are. There was a warning noise, it wouldn't select gear then it cut out. The gear actuator was broken so that was replaced, linkage has been setup repeatedly, clutch voltage setup and hydraulic accumulator replaced.. but it still wont select gear. It's the usual case of the garage it's at has never seen anything like it and don't know what to do next, another lupo would be ideal so at least they could compare gear function. Graham
  11. Anyone know to a lupo 3L thats breaking? or sat still long enough to borrow the gearbox ecu? My cars been at a garage for months now and I need to rule out the ecu as the problem so i can move forward. I've paid for one from germany but it's never showed and now appears to be back up for sale on eBay. I've now got to go through ebay disputes to get my money back or part sent, which will take time and it may not even be the problem. So If I can find a part here it would be a lot easier. I'm in the west midlands. I can obviously pay, pick up, whatever Cheers for any help Graham
  12. Looking for a cv joint for a 1.2 tdi 3L, new or used if anyone knows to a breaker? Have got one on order from dealer but up to 10 days. Graham
  13. Might of been me in my 3L on the way back from Newquay, saw a (green?) lupo coming the other way.
  14. Polished Porsche 928 Winter wheels 7 & 8" x 16 staggered, excellent condition still boxed since being polished not fitted to car. £700 Location Birmingham Email mmmsomething@msn.com Graham 07795 071296
  15. Standard front and rear shocks legs springs etc for 1.4 tdi sport. £50 ono to clear out garage Location Birmingham Email mmmsomething@msn.com Or call 07795 071296 Graham
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