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  1. Hello guys! I am new here but found the forum on google and seems really helpful since it's in english and all the others are in languages I can't speak. So here is the thing, I've brought a Lupo 3L from 2002 with 145k KM! It's in good shape, still has the automatic gear working OK but I've found some small problems or maybe it's just the way it is. First off, many times when i try to turn the car on, it powers up and 3 seconds later it goes off. Sometimes I have to repeat this 4 and 5 times to turn it on. Battery is good, I've tested (612 mah of the 650mah). Worse is that sometimes Start-Stop engages (normally it doesn't) and when I want to return back to drive the car goes off again. The automatic box was supposedly fine tuned but I don't know what it might be. Other thing intriguing me, I know the car doesn't have Power Steering by default. But honestly it's too hard, i've drove older ford fiesta, fiat uno, fiat panda and the steering was way more consistent. The first half turn is smooth but the rest jesus christ, you have to eat an ox to do it. But in reverse steering is way smoother like being assisted to be easier. Is it supposed to the steering have any electronic component to help assist on drive? And if not and it's just like that, how easy / costs you have to put power steering on Lupo 3L ? Apart from that I'm enjoy it, it's a nice little car with very low consumption! And it's a VW which delivers some quality and safety. Any tips to make it better, have even more fun and enjoy it are welcome! Thanks!
  2. I got a Lupo 3L yesterday as well, and I'm missing the power steering on it. Mine feels like a block of cement. I drove in the past cars without power steering and they were much better in terms of the strength you have to apply. If this is possible, how much money someone has to spend and which options are available?! Thanks (I hope RAB appears)
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