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  1. Thank you for your support. We have many 3L that come up for sale here, and because of our very strict MOT tests run by the state (every two years) our cars are generally in great shape. Rust is not tolerated. Prices are between 2,500 - 3,500 CHF. Example here: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2658835431015633/
  2. Dear Rab. Thank you for your input and advice. I found a slightly thicker disc and better pads. The ÉCU is in the post - custom remap by Mr. Vesa Tiainen of Tuneko Ltd. I drive other cars that are sportier, faster but I’m fascinated by the 3L and it’s super diet treatment by VW. Driving it very hard back on a trip to France I averaged a measly 4 liter per 100 Km. This at fast speeds, not the 90 Km/h that one drives at to get these low consumption figures. It’s only weak points as far as I’m considered are it’s inadequate brakes and the fact that I can’t heal and tow her. I’ll let you
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. Thus far no one has been effective in pin pointing me to any useful source or information. For a Lupo Club , you seem not very expert at the subject. I will not burden you any longer. Thank you all for your inputs.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions LR5V. Do you know a source for a bolt on non-integrated caliper carrier type?
  5. Thank you mk2. Well that sounds like a good thing for me. I can heat them up a bit as I drive off. Who makes these to fit the 3L?
  6. Thank you mk2 for the suggestion of softer pads and the vacuum pump. I would like something more radical as I aim to drive this car on the ring. The brakes on it are alright for stopping power, it's really the fading I need to address. I need bigger discs that I can channel air though. I'm not sure about all Lupo 3L but mine has unassisted brakes and steering.
  7. Hello everyone. I am looking to improve the braking efficiency on my Lupo 3L. I understand its not a car that was officially sold in the UK, but I thought you might have some suggested. The Lupo 3L officially weighs 803 Kg. That's about 172 Kg less than the Lupo GTI. My question is: Do any of the brake bits from other VW with bigger brakes bolt onto the Lupo 3L. I have sourced stiffer, shorter springs and Vesa from Tuneko Ltd in Finland is re-mapping my ECU. Any guidance would be welcomed. Thank you.
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