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  1. TgLupo

    New Lupo

    Hey, I just joined the page along with my 1.0 VW Lupo 2000 reg. Hopefully will be posting the progress throughout the changes I make but it's my first car so there won;t be much done to it. But it is great to be part of such an amazing car community already. Thanks TG.
  2. Mikey444

    New car

    Bought my first car, was wanting a 9n polo for about a year and a bit then decided to get a lupo, so i picked this up about 2 weeks ago for £900 41k miles and its the 1.0mpi ?
  3. Hello good fellow Lupo Heads! I recently got my first car (about 4 months ago), which is a basic 2004 Lupo 1.0, nothing to fancy but still a charm & love it more & more each day! ...Anyway, to cut to the chase Im hankering after a nice new stereo & a set of decent replacement speakers for the doors, all within a good budget - say no more than £250. ...Please forgive me and my lack of knowledge on both cars & fitting stereos etc but I could really do with some help/advice on how I would go about changing the stereo & what will/won't fit, & what I will need to b
  4. I have a 1.0 VW lupo and have bought a sportex exhaust but it won't fit because of the bend in the original exhaust around the axel, do I need an attachment pipe and where could I get one????
  5. Hello all, First off, I know this has been posted lots before but honestly the information seems so scattered and varied and I'm not sure how applicable all of it is to my situation so I'm sorry for reposting this...please don't murder me Anyway I've come into the possesion of a 6n2 GTI engine block from a local vw dismantlers. My little (AUC) 1.0 litre has s*** the bed so I planned to do an engine swap anyway but then I got this engine for basically nothing. I know the best way to do this is to buy a complete Polo GTI that's been rear ended or something and begin swapping everything ove
  6. New to this forum lads and lasses! Got a 1.0 Lupo mpi, however engine has knackered up on me and im replacing it. current engine code is AUC however with the ecu and loom i currently have, am i able to put another engine in it with a different engine code? it'll remain a 1.0 for insurance purposes but just need some light shed on it! Cheers in advance
  7. Hello, I Recently bought a sat nav from Garmin and i want to set up the fuel economy part of it, but i have been searching the the internet for the City Fuel Economy and the Mwy Fuel Economy and cant see it anywhere! Well not for the 1.0 litre anyway! Does anyone have the data or a link to a website that could help me out? Many thanks!
  8. right my other build thread has vanished my own fault realy not updating it too often but now im getting happier with the loop ill show her. how i bought it new sterio and upgraded fronts to hertz components detailed it for first time second set of wheels 15" ats cups sprayed theses look alot better now upgraded the alarm fitting theses soon looking for a wheel though
  9. Got myself a black VW Lupo 1.0L in black as a first car and looking for some cheap mods as I am on a budget but want the car to look and possibly perform better?
  10. Hello, I'm looking to give my dashboard a small upgrade, so far i have started with replacing the radio that was stock with a Sony one. I'm looking to change my gear stick knob also and would like any links to some that yous think are good looking and comfy and if someone one could explain the process in replacing one that would be great also I'm also on the looking for the dials that control the heating and AC, if yous have any links to metal or chrome ones that would be great! And finally if yous have any suggestions on what I should do to the dashboard or interior please let me know
  11. Hey guys, i'm new here. but i'm looking to buy a car. i want a 1l seat arosa. preferably in white black or silver. my budget will be about 700-800 pounds. preferably sellers in London. i am however not looking to buy until may/June time, so if you're thinking of getting rid of your car in the next few months give me an email at joshuageorgejones@outlook.com. id prefer it un-modded as i want to do the work myself cheers. Josh.
  12. Hello all, I've started a project thread here as can't post in the 'Project Builds' bit at the moment. Anyway, the car is a project for Fast Car Magazine. We wanted to build an affordable, easy to modify and cheap to insure car so we decided on a 1.0 Lupo. So far it's in a stardard state, here's how it looks:
  13. Hi all! It has been quite a while since i last posted here, but im back! My blue Lupo (Sid) kinda died last autum, so i've been on the hunt for a new lupo to drive in! I recently saw this little beauty, and i had to get it! It's a mint 2003 Oxford 1.0 lupo, with the awesome Open Air sunroof! It have only done 116.000km (72.000 miles) which is becoming a rare thing to find so low milage on these cars! Except the Oxford trim, there's pretty much no acessories atm, except the MFD i fitted as the first thing. I do have a couple of doors with electric windows, mirrors and central locking in storage
  14. Im Beth and this is Leeroy the Lupo 1.0 Spotted this little guy on eBay so took a trip up to derby and after a quick look round and a test drive the keys were handed over and Leeroy was on his way to his new home! Unfortunately the main reason for purchase was because my Lupo (Named Lily) was written off by some ****'s at the start of December 2014.
  15. Vw lupo grey headlining for sunroof model. Good condition, no marks or stains. Came out of my lupo with 36k miles. £20 posted
  16. I bought Loopy Woo in April (my 3rd car and I'm only 18, don't ask!!) but only just started this thread as I was too shy and a 1.0l with poor bodywork and interior isn't much to shout about. The previous owner (who named the car; surprisingly catchy and suited) asked me to "look after Loopy". That's open to interpretation right?!
  17. It's coming up to the rightful age that I can step into a motor vehicle and legally drive it on the great roads of England, the one problem being what wonderful little 1.0 car should be my first. Over the past 6 months searching for cheap cars that have a 1.0 aren't hard to come by, but nothing has taken my fancy apart the little german run about, the lupo. I have scoured the internet in search of the perfect one and I have come over a few. I would preferably want one with the standard alloys and either a black or silver body colour. I was just wondering if anyone the forum have any recommenda
  18. WobLupo

    My Lupo!

    FIRST OF ALL! anyone going to VW All Types show next weekend?!?! Anyway.... Hello, im james i live in St.Asaph North Wales! (second smallest city in the uk) and i joined club lupo about a week ago just before i got my hands on my very own first car which is a soft blue 2001 1.0 lupo, i thoufght i should start a thread of some of the things i have done on my car and some of the things i want to do and maybe you guys can give me your opinions and ideas! Some pictures when i went to view the car! i instantly fell in love! i got in contact with the seller who is a machanic at toyota and thhis
  19. Hi guys! So i've brought this cute little lupo as my first car since i wanted a car of a certain quality and something which would be fun to drive. It's a light Blue lupo 1.0 from 1999, which will get some mods as the funds raise for it. So far I've swapped out the wheels for some VW Motorsport RIAL rims, debadged and sharan sized badge on the rear and changed the stereo to a MFD unit for the pure OEM look. Im always looking for new ideas and mods for the car, and like everyone might suggest, i know i need more low, but i need to save up the money for new suspension parts until then, this is
  20. Hi, I have been on here for almost a year,loved Lupos for quite a while and always been into Vw's since I was a child, so its about time I got one and its happened, picked myself up a Black Lupo 1.0, saw her on Autotrader and she was in Yorkshire and I couldn't turn it down, bit far but every time I would find a Lupo for sale near me (being down in Cornwall) they would always be sold or have someone waiting to buy it, so after finding this one, I could not turn it down, and the price was great, so I called the garage up and they still had her available so after some very short decisions we put
  21. Bought my first car last month, a silver 1L Lupo. Here's a picture of the car when i first got it http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d148/danielcombe17/Mobile%20Uploads/2AE47718-62C6-47C6-A9AE-BC2FE7186125_zps33yk7gm4.png This is how the car looks now http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d148/danielcombe17/Mobile%20Uploads/E74E6F49-C0A6-4C20-8CA5-EE754735169A_zpsbl4v7zd9.jpg
  22. Say hi to Poppy I'm going to use this topic to post progression pictures. So this is Poppy. My first car, bought on 1st December 2013. Not a lot of progress so far, other than a full exhaust replacement as she came with a bit of a bodge job exhaust system. Other than that, just the debadged grill and a bit of sticker bombing in the interior a long with a stereo replacement.. She is my absolute pride and joy and has so much potential, I have a few things in mind such as coil overs, alloys etc. and possibly a colour coded splitter then just a few details of the interior. I'm also getting a bo
  23. Hello, I am new to this and joined as I need help with my Lupo, My EGR Valve is stuck! I have took out all the screws and Bolts I believe that are holding it on, but it wont budge can anyone tell me how to get this to move? There are 2 more screws below the EGR Valve that are hard to access but I don't know if these need to come off! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone can put pictures of the EGR Valve from there lupo on the website that could also help me. Thanks
  24. Hey, i'm new here literally just signed up an hour or so ago. I'm 17 and got myself a one liter 52 plate lupo se for my first car. After a little bit of reading forums on here i decided to post my own. I'm a noob at all this stuff and as i'm 17 money is quite tight looking for preferably cheaper things I'm looking for some modifications to do? I've read about removing the bump strips - but couldn't find a good forum for it? Anyway i'm looking for some do's and don'ts. Cheers Kailum
  25. Hello guys and girls this is my first post on here so sorry in advance if its a bit crappy. i actually bought lucy in april this year but hadn't past my test until the end of august. it took me so long to post on here because i didn't think there was any point due to not having any modifications but loads of people are doing it so why no eh? May i introduce you to lucy the lupo http://www.flickr.com/photos/106892742@N02/sets/72157637047372176/ Bought her at 101000 miles with only a leaky shock which i got fixed the next week. she's only a 1.0l but she's got a heart of gold, doesn't put a foo
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