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  1. not what is specifically asked for but same engine and good value
  2. craig182182


  3. Might be a stupid question but do these for Arosa as well?
  4. Is the cup holder available still?
  5. By any chance is this still available?
  6. As stated in the title, I'm after s rear bumper for my 02 plate Arosa in red, as a side note is this a relatively easy job to change them ? Also the front lights have started to fog up, condensation is appearing because damp air is in there, I've seen a couple of places advising the addition of a small hole at the under side of the light as this will allow the moisture to escape and stop any future condensation, does this sound about right to anyone? any help would be great!! Thanks
  7. Really want this going quick, open to any offers at all!
  8. Hi, I am selling my Lupo 1.4s as I start my new job next week where I will get a shiny company car. After a quick sale hopefully details are as follows * Jazz Blue * 1.4s 16v * X red (2000) * 12 Months MOT * 98000 miles * Recent service / Including Gearbox * Electric Windows * Coilovers * Smoothed Front Bumper * Smoothed Boot Lid * De Bump Striped * Black Carbon Wrapped Roof And Mirrors * Rear Pop Out Windows * Legal Pressed Plates * Mk4 Golf Recaro Front Seats * All Black Interior And Plastics * Black Golf GTi Steels With Good Tread Usual Stone chips Front bumper has a smal crack in it Passenger side electric window is temperamental from the drivers side switch. works fine from the passenger switch though The Carbon wrap is not the best Job Engine light is from when the gearbox oil was drained to replace the linkage seal so only needs re setting Central locking on the boot doesn't work, have been told it's due to one of the links missing. Have disconnected the boot for now so the boot is sealed Passenger side wing mirror has cracked glass Pictures below https://goo.gl/photos/tDxKXssB6U6jtEso6 The car drives superb and has served me well the short time I've had it, no knocks or noises. Like I said I'm after a quick sale so only asking for £700. Contact 07964606783 for any more info Thanks ??
  9. Not sure what oil is in there but it's been checked and double checked and it's nice and clean, I'm having someone look at it Friday, it happened again today whilst driving, I can't work out the pattern at the moment and it just seems so random!
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