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  1. Hiya, well it sounds like you might have the same problem as what ive had, the barrel and the mechanism on the boot has nackered, but mine still opend with a key, so id take it to the dealer and get it looked at, for a new barrel to match the key your looking about 30 days Hope this helps
  2. Yeah i use ,wipers i just dont when i get in an there frost on the windscreen is what i meant, i see so many drivers with ice on the windscreen and the wipers going like made, sorry for any misunder standing
  3. So True this is lol, no matter what the park as close as they can get lol
  4. Yes its happned to me last monday, the fuse had blowen, and why would you use you windscreen wipers when there froze?????? just scrape the ice off, all that does it stress the motor out and wear the blades out, and if the water tank frezzes your havent got enought screen wash in to stop that, Sorry if it seems im haveing a go but im not honestly, more thought less hast before a wise comment i was at work at 5am and the wipers worked fine came back home at 12 and then went out again the wipers didnt work.
  5. just repleying to the picture of the plastics knocked off at the side of your seats, its a problme ive had they hardly clip onto anything,
  6. Joyriders and Theft, they dont touch new car, the only target old bags of S**T
  7. I used my fox on regular basic getting to college and back so i done about 50 mile round trip on the motorway, and the road noise isnt really and issue, its enjoyable and bearable at about 60mph, Ive had my fox upto a shocking 110mph (poor 3 cylinder screaming its nuts off)which was not a very nice expereince (once was enough) and would not recommned it and its quick enough to go at a constant 70 or 80mph, thought it does need some momentame to move from the 2nd lane to the outside lane Some of the posative points are,,,,,, its rides pot holes and speed bumps really well, the ride in the back is really comfortable, the cabin is really spacious and open many of my freinds are suprised at how big it is in side, the handling is reponsive and the handling of corners is ok, Some negative points,,,,,, Street creadabillty is very low but when the see the VW badge the think its cost a lot £££££ many of my freinds said to get a lupo but i drive what i like, the styling at the back is not to my likeing but over all and very nice car,
  8. Well its nice to see a good old endless Money Pit, will that even be road leagal i think the mot'r will die in the fit of laughter, and that Shi**y 1.1 engine will be screamin its nuts off to move the thing with the weight and everything on it
  9. Had my renwal from direct line, for my car isurnace and it was a very resonable price of £1230 for fully comp and 1 years ncb with motor legal protection, im really lost for words as my first years insurance cost me £2450, the most shocking thing is how cheap it is i was expecetng about £1600, but could any of you guys/Gyals help by the way of getting still cheap insurance from £1230.... ? Jay
  10. the insurace company rate your risk level, but you have to think of the stuid f***ing drivers that hit you like with my crash as i was virtually at a stop a polish lorry decided not to barke and plough into my car,
  11. ive bein to drayton manor and alton towers, and id say alton towers is your best option much better, tad off the subject black pool pleasure beach is the one to beat
  12. Get a reliant Kitten, 0 - 60 15secs, maxed out a 86mph returns about 60mpg, you'll pick one up for about £300 - 900, and there bloody hard to brake, made from fibre glass though lol
  13. To be honest i agree with the comment above, the spare wheel id keep as this can get you out of a lot of trouble, if by the off chance you slash the wall of your tyre that slime is useless where a spare tyre is handy, In my boot i have me spare tyre, air compresser (slow puncher) and a tin of tyre weld,
  14. I know this reply aint excatly a lupo but it might help, my dad who used to drive a alfa romeo 156 had this problem as his was twin turbo, the low speed turbo kept cutting in and out, the maint fault was a the air regulation value, he had 3 turbos fitted (under warrenty) before the problem was sloved, so best not to keep driving you car unless needed,
  15. The driver you sein walking about, was the chap from the car that lost its wheel, henry was the car that hit the tyre barrier in front of the cam.
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