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  1. Took the bloke 25 years to make this... Wooden Jaguar SS Two extremes in attention to detail from the car itself to the advert selling it. I bet he doesn't have a wife!
  2. This is great - brightened up a dull afternoon in the office: "If Carlsberg made cars, this wouldn't be it" So true!
  3. I vaguely remember seeing this episode, she was an Air Hostess iirc. Maybe her partner drives this Top Gun car? 1993 Honda Prelude 2.0i Automatic Wonder if the Polo has sick bags?
  4. If only I could justify this... 552bhp 4WD MK4 Golf Would make for some serious fun driving!
  5. Reminds of of this: Weird eBay drawing for sale Some messed up stuff foor sale on eBay in this thread!
  6. This guy obviously landed on his feet when they part-exchanged their car... Kate Middleton's VW Golf Bet he still haggled the price down!
  7. Got me wondering, does having Jeremy Clarkson on the logbook make a car more attractive to a buyer or less attractive... 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder All that *POWER* can't be good for the car when being ran in! Still would though!
  8. Sorry if it's a re-post but thought this looked good. Euro Lupo 1.4 Sport Like the wheels.
  9. You'll still have to re-mortgage the average family home 3 times to afford it though! White on Black - Awesome combination! Be getting my euromillions ticket tomorrow night...
  10. This happens every year but always wonder if people get a bargain or get ripped off for what's inside them... 9 Unwanted Christmas Presents If it's legit then probably over £100 worth of stuff! The key word is 'IF' Quality question too:
  11. Don't think the Mrs. would be too happy about one of these in the front room! Piston Clock On the Christmas list!
  12. Are these things even road legal in the UK? Chevrolet Silverado Pick-Up Truck
  13. Came across this today when browsing VW 1.4s Badboy Bonnet What's going on with that interior trim on roof and rear panels???
  14. Something a bit different... always wondered what would a normal car turned into a pickup would look like.. Fiesta Pickup Truck Has anyone ever done this or been tempted to do this to a Lupo?
  15. Was wondering what people thought of this ZR... 180bhp Euro ZR Says its going to be featured in Max Power this year, i'm not a fan tbh, nice wheels though.
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