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  1. bowringcp

    Rear Window sticker

    surely internal ones are neater and more practical? We should make it a more important part of membership, as the recognition and exposure would be great! Get it at the top of every page or somthing as part of the header and purchase one when becoming a member, set paypal up on the site etc
  2. bowringcp

    Rear Window sticker

    i think that might add to the cost because we couldn't have them made in bulk, but its a good idea, we'll see how much more it is
  3. bowringcp

    Rear Window sticker

    well we could get some made, its theoretical at the moment, but i'll look around the internet and i'm sure they'll be a company where u can design and order window stickers
  4. bowringcp

    Rear Window sticker

    Haha smarty! How about a big banner that covers the whole windscreen then? Btw big fan of dartmouth, one of the nicest places in the UK, a lupo is perfect for single track roads as i found out in the west country last week!
  5. bowringcp

    Rear Window sticker

    I was wondering whether a sticker to go in the rear window would be a good idea, so that it would be easy to recognise another member?
  6. bowringcp

    Rust around Wheel Arches

    cool thanks very much, mine is standard at the moment so there should be no issue with rubbing from lowering. It might have been resprayed, it was involved in an accident but then again i think the panels were replaced, but i'll definetly ask. Chris
  7. bowringcp

    Lime Green Lupo, T plate?

    Hi, saw a lime green, possibly t reg lupo a few times, very nice car, lowered and nice exhaust, wheels etc, wondered if it belonged to anyone on here, spotted going towards taplow past the Taplow Hill Hotel.
  8. bowringcp

    Rust around Wheel Arches

    Hi all, I've recently started getting rust in the wheel arches of my 2003 lupo 1.4 S, just a little, here and there and it hasn't bubbled under the paintwork yet. I've been reading around and i've read that there is a 12 year corrosion guarantee? Who does this apply to? Are there any catches, T's & C's? If anyone is in the know i would love to have some info Chris
  9. bowringcp

    hello and help please

    I have a 2003 1.4 S in silver and its pretty much standard spec at the moment, casette player, no A/C, no alloys. I think it has slightly upgraded exterior trim to lower models and electric windows must be standard on all right now. Moaning aside, the engine is very good, but have just got a new clutch at 55,000. U might want to check the specs on the sport, as i'm sure the extra power will put extra strain on all working parts, including the clutch, see if they have compensated for that in the design.

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