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  1. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    Great, thanks Ray. It is only the upper portion but hopefully that's all he requires. I hope you are keeping well.
  2. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    Upper GTI bumper is still here, offers please...
  3. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    Hi, they are completely different to a standard bumper unfortunately.
  4. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    Engine cover is now sold (as are the lights) so it is just the upper bumper remaining. It could be a perfect donor part for a smooth recess.
  5. Adam

    Happy birthday Picola!

    Happy birthday! What are your plans this evening?
  6. Adam

    GPRS Tracker?

    We've all had to suffer sky high premiums, its one of the few advantages of getting older though, your premium comes down. Unfortunately if you want to drive you're going to have to shop around for the best deal and bite the bullet or just don't drive at all and save your pennies up.
  7. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    Rear lights have now gone. Engine cover and bumper remaining
  8. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    Hi mate, I've just PM'd you. I'll sort a pic out for you tonight, if you just send me your email address and I'll fire it over to you. Thanks,
  9. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    The tail lights are no longer available pending collection this evening. The upper GTI bumper and GTI engine cover are still very much for sale! Cheers
  10. Adam

    GPRS Tracker?

    But if you were to fit one of those types of tracker it would greatly reduce your premium which means you won't get raped on insurance for your 1 litre.
  11. Adam

    GPRS Tracker?

    Darren Gough (england cricketer) was talking about insurance on TalkSport and he had a gps tracker fitted to his 17 year old sons brand new £8000 Polo and it lowered the insurance from £5000 to £3000 per year. For his insurance policy he isn't allowed to drive the car between 11pm and 5am and if he does the tracker issues a fine to his insurance company and they can potentially void the insurance. It's a great idea for young drivers as insurance is a total piss take!
  12. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    I certainly do, where are you based?
  13. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    I do still have them, I'll drop you a PM now.
  14. Adam

    Final GTI Parts Clearance

    Upper bumper now £30 and rear lights £20 based on collection. Cheers

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