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  1. Hi all, once again am new to this site so not sure if I'm doing this correct or not... But I've got a lupo gti 1.6 engine wiring harness ecu key etc... Wanting to convert my 1.0 arosa. Since then I've found out that the lupo gti gearbox's are hydrolic clutch? And I've been told the polo gti clutch is cable so I need to use the polo gti gearbox? But that doesn't bolt on to the lupo gti block? Would I be better off selling the lupo gti engine and just buying a polo gti and swap all the stuff from that?? Seems hassle to get the lupo gti lump in. Any help appreciated thanks!:)
  2. Hello all, I am new to this site so please say if this is wrong in anyway.... But I'm going to be converting my seat arosa to a 1.6gti engine. I've been told a different gearbox fits on to the lupo Avy gti block? I got told a 1.4sport box fits but was looking for opinions on the best box's to use for road use quick out of corners? Any help appreciated!
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