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  1. Hi, The clutch cable snapped on my lupo, AA man came and fitted a temporary clutch cable that I've done about 250 miles since early last week. I've got a clutch cable but was wondering how hard it would be to replace. The AA guy told me roughly how to change it but I was wondering if you could confirm it before I end up getting stuck without a working clutch cable? I've never worked on cars before, only motorcycles so I'm hoping it's not too different. -Take engine cover off. -Remove lower dash. -Remove cable from pedal and clutch arm. -Install new cable (making sure to route it the same). -Adjust cable. Thanks guys.
  2. Filled it up for the second time I've owned it today. The fuel gauge said I was nearing empty (red) so I filled up, turned out only needed £16.80 worth of fuel (13L) to brim it and piss it down my leg since I was complacent and watching the pump waiting for it to be at about £40. This makes me think the fuel gauge is nackered, is it possible these get stuck if the car's sat for a while, hence the inaccurate reading I'm getting?
  3. Yeah, I'd heard of the pedal box issues, that's something I might try sorting after I've sorted the terrible fuel consumption. There's no signs of leaks under the car but I'll have a look there when it's light out. I brimmed the tank until the pump wouldn't let me put any more in, was on 1/4 tank then put another £30 worth in. I think the coolant sensor is working as it stays at the half way mark. There's no resistance from the brakes and tyre pressures are fine too. No dash lights or strange noises from the engine.
  4. Only to college and back, roughly 2 miles urban and 3 miles dual carriageway. It does seem to have a sticky clutch peddle that I've not quite mastered yet however I doubt this would make my MPG this bad?
  5. Hi, I'm sorry to barge in with questions as this is only my second post. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to the forum more when I can actually afford to drive my lupo. I bought my first car a few weeks ago which is a 2004 1L lupo e, I've only done 75 miles since brimming the tank and I'm almost on half a tank already. I've calculated this to be 21 mpg. The cars history seems to be good with regular servicing and has only done 56K miles, the previous owner was a mechanic and had done the cam belt recently. I'm trying to figure out what could be the cause of this if anyone has any ideas? Thanks,
  6. Already tried your company and unfortunately they couldn't beat my quote with Tesco Bank Box for £850 but If you could offer me insurance for roughly 1k without black box I'd reconsider Strictly 1L m'fraid
  7. Yep, I'll try go for one that's had it recently replaced then.
  8. Hi, I'm Ollie, I passed my test on 1st of April and didn't get a car as I was put off by Insurance quotes being 2K + for shitty cars. After looking at quotes again and almost being 19, they seem to have dropped significantly with a black box scheme to just £958 fully comp with a voluntary excess of £400. I've mainly been looking at the Lupo/Yaris but I think I prefer the style of the lupo, hence me arriving here. I've owned a classic mini since I was 14 but it's been sat on the drive deteriorating for 4+ years so It's going to be an on-going project whilst I'm driving the Lupo (hopefully). I've been on the road for 2 years on a 125 motorcycle so have the road knowledge. I also discovered the Seat Arosa whilst browsing the forum, never new they existed. I'm hoping to buy either buy the Arosa or the Lupo soon so I'll have it ready for when I'm 19. Are there many differences in build quality between the two? Also my dad's mentioned that the main problem with cars are the cam belts, at what milage do these normally go? I've seen a lupo thats got 60k miles that I like but I'm worried the cam belt might go. I've also seen a Lupo that's recently had It's cam belt changed with 80k miles, would this be the better one to go for? Thanks, Ollie.
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