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  1. Keal

    Engine Converted Lupos

    Burn it! Lol. Im surprised people even still use the forums considering there's so many social media alternatives. Although the best people use this site
  2. Was it ever completed? Or has anyone found an alternative solution? Don't want to pay £50 for a set and waste my time finding out if I'm honest.
  3. Keal

    Engine Converted Lupos

    Zzzzz and there's me thinking this was a site for people to share info in general dispite who's car it is. Its nice to know what people have done and haven't done so people can come up with new ideas. It gets a bit boring watching pointless squabbles instead of interesting car facts
  4. Keal

    Engine Converted Lupos

    Seems to be a lot of 1.8t's about, would be nice to see something different like a powerful diesel as mentioned above with lots of torque and smoke. Was also thinking to myself the other day about the new Polo Gti TSI engines as they are pushing a lot of power for a standard 1.4 engine and being small they are light and should fit easier. As I was looking into throttle bodies or m45 charging mine I was thinking if it would be any easier to fit one of these. Love this thread guys, keep up the good work
  5. Keal

    luci lupo

    Funky wheels
  6. Keal

    Gti Bouncy Suspension

    Not really just bouncy.
  7. Keal

    Stock exhaust

    Sent some pics over. Only the 2 back sections from the flexi. Got the manifold, heat shield and all the bolts and fixings the garage took out but didn't bother taking pics of them. Keal.
  8. Keal

    Gti Bouncy Suspension

    It doesn't look like any leaking coils or anything broken and when I push on the car it stops instantly. Keal.
  9. Keal

    Gti Bouncy Suspension

    Thanks guys will have a closer look soon and see. Was more concerned whether it's usually like that or just mine but sounds like it's just natural. If I find anything on further investigation I will let you know Keal.
  10. Keal

    luci lupo

    As HJLupo said ^^^
  11. Keal

    Starter motor

    Not bad, might look into getting mine done soon but kinda like the quirky noise it has
  12. Keal

    Stretch tires

    But as the others have said get the same diameter of your current wheels and get a thinner tyre. Ask around for some free old tyres if you're not sure and try them on before you buy new ones as it will save you spending loads on the wrong ones. Keal.
  13. Keal

    Stretch tires

    I'm running on 9j x16" rims on 215/35/r16 tyres and know a few people running on 205/40/16. It depends on the width of the wheels you have, standard width won't get you much stretch and it depends how much stretch you're looking for. I have quite a bit and no trouble with tyres popping off or any of these horror stories you hear, had them on for 2 years now with loads of potholes in my area. Keal.
  14. Keal

    were to sell my lupo ?

    Gumtree, auto trader, piston heads, club Lupo classifieds, Facebook, eBay, do the free ones first stick it up at a similar or slightly higher price than all the ones of similar age, condition, mileage etc. If u get no interest then stick it on the ones that charge. Keal.
  15. Keal

    Stock exhaust

    I kept my old standard exhaust when I upgraded it. It may need a bit of welding but it's all there from manifold to tailpipe. Let me know if you're interested mate. (In Colchester Essex by the way) Keal.

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