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  1. Fully working gearbox. I have done 15k in 2 and a half years of ownership (I bought it the day I bought my car) Never skipped a beat. Can come with the engine too £250 collected from Saffron Walden or £275 with engine still attached 07478 708 313
  2. I've got one for sale £250 collected from Saffron Walden All works fine. I don't check here much so youll need to text me 07478 708 313 If its still needed
  3. Well considering I have 2 insurance policies with them on a Lupo and a Mk2 Jetta I want them cheap as possible. And believe it or not I don't get it for free, I still have to pay for it!!!
  4. I know, like I said, I work for HIC, my own insurance company.... Thanks for that, will check them out!
  5. Wouldn't say a few hundred. I have been quoted £120 fitted, just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience. Never needed w/screen cover before as had a Corrado where it would be cheaper to replace yourself than pay an excess and have someone else do it for you!
  6. OK, before anyone says it, yes I work for my insurance company, but no, as I am only TPFT I do not have windscreen cover. I need someone to supply and fit a new one as mine has a horrific crack all the way along! Can anyone help please?
  7. You've obviously never owned a Corrado then
  8. 118bhp? from a 1.4.
  9. I worry too much, I'm so excited about going but just worry, especially with us going end of November. Duvet will be going incase anything does happen and its sub zero conditions. & he likes to be different and with the amount of smoke from it he looks like a steam train!
  10. We supply breakdown for UK and EU for £53.00 Includes home-start and roadside assistance for up to £3000 Only downside is you need to have a policy with us to have one unless you buy online
  11. I'm looking forward to taking it and we were going to take Chris' van but he was worried he would get arrested with it and would rather have issued with he Police in this country and not Poland where he doesnt understand what they are saying!! & that would have a much higher chance of breaking than the loop haha
  12. Its more than a 1000miles as we are going to make a few stops along the way. My issue is that I like to be prepared!!!
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