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  1. As mentioned every insurer is different. Have a good look around and play insurance companies off with each other to try and get the best deal possible. If you plan on modifying the car i'd consider SKY insurance they've been brilliant with me so far. at 17 insurance is always going to be quite high for you, i wouldnt expect to be paying less than 1k at that age but who knows. I'd never recommend Elephant/Bell or any insurer from the Admiral group, personally i think there a shite company and they have monkeys running it who know NOTHING about the cars they insure, but thats my opinion.
  2. Look really nice mate, I fancy buying another lupo, might be tempted by a GTi again haha... now to find out who them lasses whre in the silver one....
  3. Black Lupo Gti smooth front bumper lowered on yellow modern lines look real nice & Then 2 exceptionally fit birds in a slammed silver Lupo Gti on silver th monos.... Then I jizzed in my pants...
  4. I can get a DAS6PRO delivered to my door for £110 new. If your able to do a better deal than this i'll take it off you.
  5. must go ASAP would look sick on a slammed lupo.
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