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  1. Stu92

    Spoiler and light

    Anyone got a spoiler and high tail light to offer?
  2. Stu92

    Lupo gti black and silver

    Still got the rear spoiler with light??
  3. Stu92

    Lupo GTI Wanted

    Pm sent. My gti up for sale soon
  4. Stu92

    GTI Wanted cash waiting

    Still looking for a gti? Got a black 6 speed with 46k on the clock for sale. Had for 11 years but up I Aberdeen
  5. Stu92


    sent a PM.
  6. Stu92

    Need a Towing eye

    Hi all, Just noticed after 9 years my lupo has missing towing eye screw. Anyone know if this has to a specific part or can I just get a generic one?
  7. Stu92

    Stubby drivers side mirror??

    I bought a stubby from these guys a while back... http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=170721906429&index=2&nav=SEARCH&nid=64665627058 Looks the part, just not the same quality fit as the proper vw part... I wished I got the proper on.. And the mirror hardly moves, but heats up nice..
  8. Stu92

    Lowest Mileage Lupo GTi on here?

    '53.. with 33k miles
  9. Find more info at http://www.volkswagen-up.com Got to say after all these years of development, Im a more than a little disappointed. No wow, factor, and wont compete with the fiat 500 and not wow when compared to the mini rocketman concept (here)... what have VW been doing for all these years ? What do u think?
  10. Stu92

    VW Lupo 2 ... ???

    More up news coming soon... Seemingly a big unveiling at Frankfurt auto in Sept... New vw site at: http://www.volkswagen-up.com/ Video at: http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2011/8/10/Video-VW-UP-Is-Coming-to-Frankfurt-7704262/
  11. Stu92

    Good body shop ? (dundee & angus

    did you find one? I know a guy in Dundee that did my Lupo and did and ace job. I've lost the number will find out if you still need to know.
  12. Stu92

    VW Lupo 2 ... ???

    There is also been an VW UP taxi concept, check it out UP BLACK CAB
  13. Seen your add, would u trade for a 53 gti? 30k miles???

  14. Stu92


    29k miles, on a 53 plate.... Did a massive 5.5k last year, and 3.5k the year before!
  15. Stu92

    Stubby mirror fitting

    cheers will give it a go

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