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  1. Thanks Wes, haven't checked the oil level, may do that tomorrow. I've already bought the replacement gearbox. Really appreciate your offer though.
  2. 2005 VW Lupo 1.0L MOT Sept 2021, 117k I bought this car a few weeks back as it drove really nice and had been well looked after by the previous owner and in a rare colour. As I was driving home on the motorway, 5th gear stopped working and became unable to select. So, the car needs a new gearbox. You could probably drive the car to where you are going in 4th gear as that's what I did to get home but gear selection is now a bit stiff. Included in the sale is a replacement gearbox and a new clutch friction plate, pressure plate and release bearing. Bargain fo
  3. Call it £45 and we got a deal. 😁😁
  4. Good idea, strip of wood will also be supplied in with the packaging 😁
  5. The undertray is tough. If you dropped the box you wouldn't damage it. It's designed to protect the engine from the road so i'm confident it would arrive to you without getting damaged. I'll pack the box with some packaging. Cheers.
  6. It does feel like some kind of flexible type hard plastic / fibreglass construction now i've looked at it.
  7. The most ridiculous looking parcel! Managed to kind of merge two boxes together. Parcel2go/Hermes have quoted £24 to post this. Weight is 4.5kg. Cheers
  8. Looks like metal to me. I'll get you a price for posting. What is the postcode it would be going to?
  9. Lupo GTI Centre Exhaust. Bought for a car i've now sold. £20. Collection only. North Manchester.
  10. Got this for a car I sold a while back. Has got some scrapes on the bottom as shown in the pictures but it does work! Designed to stop your engine scraping along the road. Suit lowered car. No bolts supplied, just the undertray. £25. Collection only, North Manchester.
  11. Thanks for spotting this. 🤦‍♂️ This is my car. I've amended the advert. Just checked and the paint code is LA5W which is Ravenna Blue. The photos have not been photoshopped. That is how the car looks. The badge on the front had a red faded 'i' which was more pink than red so I picked the red sticker off which I felt looked better. Cheers.
  12. The shine on your paintwork is unbelievable! Very very impressed!
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