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  1. Now, that would be good, im still after some leather seats!!!
  2. SJA007


    Coz i love em!!! Ha ha!! No, gonna be selling the 2002 one shortly...
  3. SJA007


    My 2002 has 127k and my 2004 has 22k, nice to hear still going strong at 185k!!!
  4. What mileage has everyone GTI done?
  5. Hello! Where to go for quality retrim? Im in Cornwall, but if nothing locally will travel! Thanks x
  6. Love this information, always knew were rare, but didn't realise how much so!! Fingers crossed tomorrow get my 2nd one :-)
  7. Let me know when ready to sell as well please!! X
  8. Hi! If only VW made a 1.6 GTI Fox then id been keen to get one... Enjoy tho X
  9. Im a LUPO in Newquay but no abuse received, if I had you would have remembered my response!! Are a couple around.....
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