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  1. My 1.4 lupo engine died so I managed to pick up a cheap cat -C 6n2 GTI as a donar car. I'm looking to swap over as much as possible into the lupo including engine, ABS brakes and Aircon if possible. Is there a fusebox guide on here showing all the different coloured plugs going into the back of the fuse box. I need to figure out what loom I need to transfer over from the Polo. I've used the A2 resource site for mk2 golf fuse box info but can't find anything for the 6n2/ lupo
  2. Thanks and thanks lol. I really like the look of mk2 golf GL wheels. they are 13" only 5J and et 38. Would widening them to 7J be the absolute max without scrubbing at the rear. Bear in mind I dont want to go too extreme on tyre stretch either. Car will be lowered to suit the wheels without needing to roll arches etc.
  3. can anyone answer my previous questions? Also got another one.... am I correct in thinking that the higher the initial offset of a steel wheel, the less chance of it scrubbing arches once banded by a couple of inches?
  4. Is it possible to have 7J on the rear without arch rubbing?
  5. based on the ET of a g60 steel, how wide can you go on the back without requiring arch flaring. I'm thinking a staggered look would be nicer and would be simpler do deal with at the front
  6. that just screams G60 steelies to me lol
  7. Not being an A hole I appreciate the advice. I've always had a mk2 golf on 15s just thought it would be too big on a Lupo and would cause rubbing trouble. I just need an idea of the best sort of size and offset that can be run without requiring arch rolling or flaring. I've done a search but couldnt find any definitive answers
  8. Hi All, my first post here. I've had my Lupo S for a few weeks now and already looking to add a personal touch to it. I love how they look on deep dish wheels so Im thinking a set of 13" banded steels would look great. I was looking to drop the car around 40mm with some basic springs. what sort of wheel offset/widths can be run on this drop without getting into arch work. It's supposed to be a cheap run around whilst my golf is resting over the winter so I want to keep costs down. As alternatives I do like how G60 steels or sebrings look on them but not sure if they would rub once lowered.
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