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  1. i have been searching and searching this forum to get information about offsets but tbh im just getting more confused,so im just going to ask the usual question.... will they fit? (15x8" 4x100 et0) the alloys are Rota Aleica.
  2. how much u look for to send them via courier?
  3. hmmm ok well standard is 35-38 yeh? so if i wanted to bring them out a bit would i need to buy spacers? i know i sound thick but i know nothing about alloy fitments.
  4. after a very long time of my lupo suffering on 100+ sword alloys ( not chosen by me) its time for her to get new shoes, but im confused as to what im looking for and the fitments etc. just wondering if anyone here can help me. i like something thats different from the rest. 14 or 15 inch etc
  5. Anybody selling interior carpet? or know of where i can get some. Preferably black, ive got a really light grey colour in there atm and im guessing the previous owners ate alot of crayons. "/
  6. thanks, im not fond of the wheels tbh! but they'll make a good set of winter wheels
  7. Dannii1491

    door strips

    i want to remove my door strips,are they moulded or stuck on?
  8. Dannii1491


    Hey guys! Im Dannii Pickin up my lupo on saturday, Plans: Coilovers BBS LM's Centres Sprayed Hot Pink, possibly get roof done too smooth boot re trim interior and make it my own cant wait to get my hands on it!
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