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  1. Blue one on eBay for 2650 now
  2. Nice car! Just a heads up incase you haven't realised, but your rear wheels are on the wrong sides. The directional pattern should be going forwards
  3. Love this. Lupo GTIs are great drivers cars and need to be driven, not just shown. Looks great so far. Cant wait to see what its like in June!
  4. You weren't interested in my excellent condition 330 as a PX as you said you don't like BMWs?! Bizarre...
  5. Im on the look out at the moment too. Sold my GTI 2 years ago as I had owned it for 2 years and fancied a change. Looking at selling my current car and buying another as it would be cheaper to run. I also called this guy and he said it was great condition. Was going to view at the weekend but didn't have the time. Im glad I didn't bother! I owned a silver GTI before which put me off that one a little bit, think I may have to wait out and get one which isn't silver this time!
  6. Hi. I Used these as my summer wheels. Lack of space to store them means they have to go! As title says they are 15x7 and et28 all straight and true. Two have minor curbing (one worse than other) and pics are attached of this. They where used for about 6 months with stretched tyres so obviously not out the box new as there are some very small chips to outer lips from stones and some small marks from cleaning. Overall very good condition and perfect for winter or summer! 1st wheel 2nd wheel 3rd wheel 4th wheel Don't know what they are worth so lets say £350 or sensible offers. Collection
  7. The handbrake warning light and beep means the system is completely inactive doesn't it? I had an intermittent fault with an abs sensor so pulled the abs fuse till it was sorted which resulted in the handbrake light flashing and 3 beeps. Would say it is a power issue of a kind. Has the original poster solved their problem or have any updates??
  8. Anyone? Also forgot to say that when you use the key in the drivers door it will lock both doors, but when opening it will only open the drivers door. Unlocking and locking in the passenger door will lock/unlock both doors. Could the problem be within the drivers door itself?
  9. Well here is the story so far. My mate had a spare remote (new with the code attached) which i tried to get VW to code. They where unable to code as they could not connect to the control unit. They still charged me about £70 despite not being able to code the key. After a brief chat with the service manager we agreed that they would have the car for a day to try and further diagnose it for free, as so far I had been charged for nothing! Whether they did actually look at the car is anyones guess, but the result was that they couldn't work out why, and wanted several more hours to check the wiri
  10. Sorry my first post is a bit vague! Its the remote central locking which is the problem. I want to know if I buy and fit an aftermarkert system, would this eliminate the need to use the vw key remote? My thinking was that say a clifford unit (which is cheaper than 2 vw key remotes alone) could be wired into the standard alarm loom.
  11. If there is other possible problems regarding a specific cylinder (as mentioned in your first post) would it no be more cost effective to find everything that needs to be done first? Why would they need to put a new cylinder head on first? If the bottom end is knackered you have then wasted the labour costs in fitting the new cylinder head, and if you end up getting a used engine, odds are it will have the cylinder head on it, leaving you with a spare?
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