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  1. I had a call from the garage and they said I need a replacement cylinder head, new spark plug and lead for £190. They have to do that before they can look into why it lost it's power?
  2. ah so you cant put a polo gti engine in?
  3. yeah i was thinking if its really pricey i will get a new engine.
  4. my exhaust emissions warning light came on, and the car lost its power and then later on it sounded like something dropped,then there was a knocking sound, it sounds louder and lower than before.
  5. i thought the same, i took it to a vw specialist?
  6. well im not 100% sure they are getting an engineer out to check it out, they only said cylinder damage caused by the spark plugs and thats all they said.they are going to ring me with a quote on tuesday.
  7. hi i'm new on here, i have a 03 lupo gti and its at the garage at the mo with a cylinder problem. does anyone know how much it would cost for a new cylinder because i'm going out of my mind worrying about the cost. has anyone else had a cylinder problem. thanks carlli
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