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  1. Yep that is the case. I'm afraid we don't no, I assume your after a Gti shell?
  2. Ha can't mate, you can buy the full car tho ?.
  3. Here I have my ASS exhaust system for sale. If you are looking for an extremely well made stainless system that fits perfectly then this is the one! 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, some pics that follow show how neat and tidy all the welds are, extra long lambda sensor is included. 2.25" bore throughout, flanged so just bolts together with gaskets, no knocking, rubbing, at all. 3" twin tip on cat back. Included is a standard lupo Gti catalytic converter section that bolts in for MOT to reduce emissions. I normally run de-cat but it's loud, very loud! Lifetime warranty, comes with receipts to the sum of £1140. If anyone is interested in what it sounds like I can link you to a video, just ask. Prefer collection but postage can be arranged at an extra cost. No time wasters please if you are genuinely interested please contact 07724405815 Cheers Paul
  4. Fizo

    Lupo Dashboard

    I'm in need of a mint condition lupo dashboard, one that's also been taken out correctly. Thanks Paul
  5. I spent countless hours modifying an Audi a1 heater blower unit to fit both the dash unit and the rev guage itself. Never been used and includes all wiring. Receipts for both the guage & vent included. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/tachometers/spa-design-80mm-tachometer-with-digital-speedometer £200.00 Willing to post at an extra cost 07724407815 Thanks Paul
  6. Here are my Schmidt's up for sale... -15" 4x100 fittment -Fronts 7.5J, 1.5" Radinox Dishes, ET-22 -Rears 8.5J, 2.5" Radinox Dishes, ET-22 The wheels overall are in very good condition, all straight and true and never used during the winter months. The centres have been finished in anthracite grey, they have suffered a few chips here and there over the years but I have touched them up so you can barely tell. The barrels are finished in matt black again fairly tidy. I purchased new centre caps for them a couple of years ago and they are still in mint condition. Fit perfectly on a Gti with no scrubbing. Willing to post at an extra cost or buyer can arrange their own courier. £1050.00 No time wasters please, if you are genuinely interested contact me on 07724405815 Thanks Paul
  7. As stated in the title my interior is up for sale... The interior consists of: -Recaro sportster CS front seats -Scirocco rear seats modified to fit snug and correctly -Front and rear GTI door cards -Dashboard & binnacle -Parcel shelf Tastefully trimmed interior and of a very high standard by Baillies car trimming & upholstery in Glasgow. It has been in my possession for the last 6 years and has been cared for correctly, cleaned and balmed on a monthly basis when in use in the summer months (car garaged over winter). The only fault is a 50p sized patch on the front passenger seat, i have enquired about a repair for this and i was quoted £60 from a local trimmer. I haven't had the time to get this done prior to the sale unfortunately but any decent trimmer will be able to carry out the repair as it is paint based. Includes origional recipt for the re-trim only to a sum of £1250.00. £2000 No time wasters please, If your genuinely interested please contact me on 07724405815 Thanks Paul
  8. Christmas came early! It stated £200 worth of stuff when i entered the competition but iv been on af site and it ads upto around the £420 mark! Absolutely made up, just need a car to detail now :/
  9. A pic of this poped up in my news feed from all types. Looks awsome, keep up the good work!
  10. Made it into the final 5 of auto finess share n shine competition on fb, give it a like if you think it's worthy
  11. Cheers John. Yeah I agree. It will be interesting to see exactly what power can be achieved as a N/A engine. Apparently It's quite possible the pistons won't make enough compression for what I'm aiming for. It may be a case of another set of pistons to suit the carillo rods. But we will see soon enough, Jason is hoping to get around 11.8.1 to make the 200bhp mark. Obviously compression can be made on the current setup it just whether it's enough with valve clearances etc. Either way buying your bottom end and the other parts will have been the best option financially. Nice to see progress after it's taken along time to gather all the parts for the rebuild as a Avy/Afh hybrid. Passed on to another pair of safe hand to work his magic and finish it off.. Can't wait!
  12. If anyone is interested check out JMR customer cars, the power he achieves from 1.8 8v and 2.0 8v is unbelievable. http://www.jmrclubsport.co.uk/#!customercars/c5a2
  13. Hi mate, yes i remember speaking to you at cumbria vag. I know its an absolute ball ache, but at the end of the day i suppose it gave me a reason to crack on with the engine side of things. Luckily i wasnt flat out coming into a corner when went bang. The fan belt put a nick in the power steering hose, dumped fluid everywhere and lets say i had limited steering lol. Mike was on your thread a few weeks ago showing me your interior and it looks awesome, love it! oh iv still got the lupo love.....il keep you posted
  14. Thanks, yes agreed they are fantastic, handling and performance wise with few modifications. me too, il keep you posted.
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