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  1. Evening guys, A very quick question. I surf quite regularly and have a 9'2'' surfboard. I'd be looking to carry it out roof bars on the lupo (when I get one); - Do the roof bars mount securely onto the car? Particularly concerned about the back, because I presume the front wrap round to the door? - would the surfboard be too long to carry on the lupo? Would there be too much overhang? Thank you
  2. Still on the hunt for the GTI, does anyone have any recommendations? We saw one last week but it had been lowered and felt too hard when driving.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Will wait for a good one to appear. What sort of ball park figure did you pay patroddy? LUPOES, do you have the link to the one you mentioned?
  4. What do you guys think about higher mileage examples, those with 100k+ miles. If they have a FSH are they still okay?
  5. What do you guys make of this one? http://bit.ly/QvVFVh How much do you think it would cost to get the dents repaired and the rear wing done?
  6. Hi guys, A quick question, would you ever buy a gti that hasn't got any service history? Is it too risky? Thank you.
  7. Agree with you there, a few more years and it would be justified.
  8. A few more seem to be popping up, just spotted this one on eBay, can't believe the price! http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201403242768588?atmobcid=soc4
  9. Nice, I was hoping sj2112's was still available in April as that's the first opportunity we have to travel down to view. Looks an awesome example.
  10. Sounds like you are in a very similar situation to myself. We have viewed 3 now and have not found the ideal one yet. Which one are you viewing this week?
  11. What do you guys make if this one? http://bit.ly/1hJpF7a
  12. Certainly worth the distance, it's just the problem of having the time to drive there and back for the next couple of weeks. If it's still available in april we will come down
  13. Hi SJ2112, We would love to come and view yours, only problem is the distance. We are pretty busy over the next 2 weekends so can only view ones that are fairly local to us if they become available (we live in Worcester).
  14. Thanks for the help guys, the search continues... Really can't wait to get one, hopefully soon
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