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  1. Now SOLD, thanks for the interest. Adrian
  2. Back from the garage with a fresh MOT
  3. Update - I'll be in Nottingham the weekend of the 17th-18th so if anyone wants to view it on Sunday 18th please let me know. I'll be in Kimberley Nottingham, passing through Hall Green, Birmingham on Sunday Eve, Monday 19th. I need to head up to pick up the new car so please let me know beforehand if you are in that area and are interested. Thanks, Adrian
  4. I need to travel to Nottingham to pick up the new BMW so won't be too far from you.
  5. Make: VW Model: Lupo MOT: Dec 2012 TAX: June 2012 Engine size: 1.4 (100bhp) Fuel type: Petrol Description: We have owned this from 32,000 miles and it has been my wifes commuting car, pretty much all motorway miles it now has 136,000 on the clock. Totally stock, no mods at all except a remote central locking kit. Most of you will know the common faults with Lupo sports, this has had them and they have all been fixed properly. I have a mountain of receipts, here is a bit of an overview: VW Service history up to 70K Independent garage and serviced by me after that. Cambelt - always changed on time, last one was at just over 100k Pedal box - reaplced FOC by VW (long thread on the forum about that) it has been faultless ever since. Exhaust replaced with stock VW system a couple of years back Drivers side window regulator replaced Door check straps replaced Engine temp sensor replaced Rocker cover gasket replaced. New brembo discs and pads all round fitted two weeks ago Clutch replaced at around 80k Clutch cable replaced Both handbrake cables replaced two weeks ago. Firestone's fitted on the back, vradasteins on the front with good tread Front wheel bearings replaced last Christmas along with ABS sensor on one wheel, rear ABS sensor replaced last month. New windscreen being fitted on Monday. Without blowing my own trumpet I have really looked after this car and intended to keep it (hence all the recent expense) but we have outgrown it a little and had a too good to turn down offer on a BMW 1 series. I have probably missed lots off that list but those are the main things. I will be getting it MOT'd this week so it will be ready to go. Only niggles: A few little stone chips, the heater switch has stopped working on setting 2 but works on all others (resistor needs replacing). Some kind person in the last week has decided to run a shopping trolley down the nearside rear 1/4 panel, I need to photograph the scratch, I think I should be able to restore a fair amount of it. Any Questions please ask, probably best to PM me as I don't check the forum everyday. Cheers, Adey. £1500 Location: Torrington, Devon
  6. I have a set of genuine roof bars that were on my sport. In great condition and complete with the allen key/torque setting tool and key to lock the covers in place. The only little niggle is that someone has put a cut in the rubber strip on the top of the bars to fit a top box in the past. Doesn't bother me though as I have pads on there for my surfboards. £70 plus postage or collect from Torrington, Devon. Any questions please PM me, Thanks, Adrian
  7. I had mine done a few years back at Nottingham VW, they were very helpful Adey
  8. Cheers for that, yes new bolts are ready to be collected from VW. Adey
  9. Hi, I have brought some new wishbones as the front bushes are nearly shot. Any idea on the torque settings the two mounting bolts, the ball joint nut and any other nuts/bolts I'll have to tinker with when replacing them. Cheers, Adey
  10. Our sport used to get around 44mpg consistantly when our previous jobs involved a motorway/A road run each day. Now my wife just uses it for a a hilly B road 20 min drive to work and fuel consumption has dropped dramatically. I reckon I now get 230-250 from a tank as opposed to 270-300 on a long run before. As mentioned before it is all down to air temp, road conditions, tyre pressure/condition, servicing and definitely fuel. 97ron does give me more MPG from the tests I have done at home. Incidently I usually change around 3500-4000rpm Adrian.
  11. I got my stock one from tps, middle pipe and back box. Not the cheapest but genuine stock item. I got a bargain deal as my mate worked for them. Adrian
  12. My wifes sport was sounding similar. I popped a can of engine flush in, ran it on the drive for 15 mins. Did an oil/filter change and it sounds like a new car. Adrian
  13. I have found the Michelin Energy E3A tyres to be decent although they are a tad pricey. I put Firestone TZ200 tyres on the front for the last two sets of changes. I found them to be good put wear quicker than the Michelins - they are cheaper though. I now need all 4 replacing so am searching around reviews to see what else I could try, go through the list of options from www.blackcircles.com and then search reviews online on the ones in your budget. Adrian
  14. What year is your lupo? There is a 12 year paint warranty on VW's so I would take it back to a dealer and push for it to be investigated. I know only certain areas of the car are covered but worth enquiring. I had bubbling paint on my roof gutters, It went in for a respray and I had a courtesy car for a couple of days. All sorted FOC. Adrian
  15. Yeah I had cleaned it that morning. It was covered in crap by the end of the week. Cleaned it again saturday ready for the dubfreeze show and now it it covered in crap again. Hey ho. I am waiting for a decent weekend so I can get the polish and sealent on it with an electric polishing wheel to do a proper job. Black cars look ace, but only when they are spotlessly clean. Other than that they are a pain in the ass. Adrian
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