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  1. Glad to hear it worked out for you Long motorway journeys are so much quieter now, I've yet to check the difference in MPG though but I fear it won't be such an accurate comparison because the longer gearing means I've been going a bit faster than I would have done with the shorter 5th in! Ps. done some reading on remaps and I'm looking to get one done next year at insurance renewal time.
  2. Just to keep this updated, I got the .658 gear fitted - 70 is now about 2.1k which feels much more relaxed and a lot quieter. The car has no problem maintaining speed at lower revs.
  3. Thanks, I am getting mine done in around 3 weeks time - getting the current 0.756 changed for 0.658. Bad luck with the turbo, hope it doesn't cost you too much!
  4. Hi all, new to the forum Just wondering if anyone has carried out the 5th gear modification on their 1.4TDI - basically it involves swapping out the existing 5th gear for a longer gear to reduce the revs which makes for quiter and more economical cruising. Drivers of the 1.4TDI engined models will know that the standard 5th gear is rather short so when cruising at 70mph (or overtaking at higher speeds!) the engine doesn't feel very relaxed revving at 2600rpm+ If anyone has carried out this modification I would be very interested in hearing how it's worked out. Apparently, the idea is to make
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